Top 10 Greatest Multi-Talented Athletes Of All Time

October 20, 2021 By Sourav

Top 10 Greatest Multi-Talented Athletes Of All Time

It is not at all necessary that a person who is talented in one sport or even one particular art form is limited to that. There are millions of people on earth who can do amazing things apart from one particular thing they are especially good at. Here are the 10 Greatest Multi-Talented Athletes of All Time.


Greatest Multi-Talented Athletes of All Time

The athletes in this list are the most multitalented ones to date and they really live up to their name. If you have suggestions, leave them down in the comment below and let us know who we missed. To know further, read on.


10. Jackie Robinson



Robinson was the first African-American to play major league baseball. Besides, he also holds his place among the greatest athletes who played multiple sports. In 1936, Robinson won the boys' singles championship in the annual Pacific Coast Negro Tennis Tournament.

Following a short stint in junior college, Robinson had attended UCLA. There he became the school's very first athlete to play four varsity sports: baseball, basketball, football, and track.

In track, Robinson had won the 1940 NCAA Men's Track and Field Championships in the long jump, where he jumped over an incredible 24 feet. After discharge from the Army in 1944, Robinson had joined the Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro Leagues.


9. Charlie Ward



At number 9 in this list of the 10 greatest multi-talented athletes of all time, we have Charlie Ward. He started in the early ’90s for both the Florida State basketball team and the football team.

A true threat to both run and throw, Ward racked up 3,032 passing yards, 27 touchdowns (only 4 interceptions), a stunning 339 rushing yards, and 4 running scores. Ward led the Seminoles to an 18-16 victory over Nebraska in the Orange Bowl, giving FSU and his head coach Bobby Bowden its first-ever national title.

Believed to be a superior football talent, Ward had promised he would only play in the NFL if he went in the first round. He ended up a first-round pick of the New York Knicks in 1994 but then was not picked in the NFL draft.


8. Jim Brown



At number 8 in this list of the 10 greatest multi-talented athletes of all time, one of only a very few athletes to make the hall of fame in two different sports, Jim had the distinction of the best lacrosse player in the nation.

Jim Brown is arguably the greatest running back of all time. As a sophomore, he was the second-leading scorer for his basketball team. In his junior year, he averaged an impressive 11.3 points in basketball and became a second-team All-American in lacrosse.

In his senior year, he was named a first-team All-American in lacrosse (43 goals in 10 games to rank second in scoring nationally).


7. Deion Sanders


At number 7 in this list of the 10 greatest multi-talented athletes of all time, some consider Deion Sanders the swiftest player to ever play in the NFL. “Primetime” first entered the National media exposure at Florida State University.

There he competed in football, baseball, and also track & field. He was an amazing defensive back and return man for the Seminoles winning the Jim Thorpe award back in 1988.

Once in college, Sanders played the first game of a doubleheader, ran a leg of the 4x100 relay, then return to play the second of the double-header. Many consider Sanders to be the greatest defensive back of all time. Primetime was a feared all-pro during many of his seasons with Atlanta, San Francisco, and Dallas.


6. Bo Jackson



At number 6 in this list of 10 greatest multi-talented athletes of all time, A rare athlete who could throw a football 60 years, run a 4.2 40 yard dash, and then bench press over 400 pounds. Even in 1982, Bo set state school records for indoor high jump (6'9") and triple jump (48’8") in high school.

He continued to excel in baseball although he didn’t receive the same kind of support that he produced on the football field. Following his senior season, he was drafted 1st overall in the NFL draft. Due to a dispute with Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jackson opted to play pro baseball instead of joining the NFL.

He was drafted by the Royals and joined their starting lineup in the big leagues only months later. Bo spent four years with the Los Angeles Raiders his best year came in 1989 when he had rushed for 950 yards, 4 touchdowns to go along with a 5.5 rushing average.


5. Jim Thorpe



At number 5 in this list of the 10 greatest multi-talented athletes of all time, Thorpe was once actually considered the greatest athlete in the world. He reigned in a time where sports records were an afterthought among the mainstream audience.

Jim excelled in football, ballroom dancing, baseball, basketball, and track & field. He was born an Indian American. Consequently, Thorpe was relegated to his reservation until he was allowed to play for the Carlisle School (which competed in NCAA events).

Thorpe was also able to win the 1912 intercollegiate ballroom dancing championship. He had won the 1928 Gold Medal in the Olympic games for Pentathlon and Decathlon.


4. LeBron James


At number 4 in this list of the 10 greatest multi-talented athletes of all time, we have LeBron James. Many people didn’t know about him but this year he got featured in a movie with the worldwide famous comedienne Amy Schumer.

The film was called Trainwreck and he did an awesome job in it. Along with that, he also is one of the most marketable athletes in the whole world.

Even though his publicity and controversies play an average role in his popularity, he still is the former number one athlete in his field.


3. John Cena


At number 3 in this list of the 10 greatest multi-talented athletes of all time, we have John Cena. He was featured in the movie Trainwreck as Amy Schumer’s character’s boyfriend.

Given that It was a comedy movie, and his character was an emotional one …he did a splendid job playing it.

John Cena is a worldwide phenomenon and his trends keep coming back again and again with time. Besides, he now also holds his place among the richest wrestlers of all time.


2. Brett Lee



At number 2 in this list of the 10 greatest multi-talented athletes of all time, we have Brett Lee. This Australian international Cricketer has retired from his game long ago but his talents are still missed by his fans worldwide.

He was a great musician with amazing skills in playing the Guitar along with batting on the field.

This athlete had the cutest smile and could play like a tornado on the field and on the other hand, entertain people with his magical music too. We wish he could have stayed longer in his game. This one of the fastest bowlers of all time is missed immensely.


1. Dwayne Bravo


At number 1 in this list of the 10 greatest multi-talented athletes of all time, we have Dwayne Bravo. Also known as Dwayne ‘DJ’ Bravo my majority of his fans, this cricketer from West Indies is right now 35 years old.

His nickname Johnny is equally famous. His famous song ‘Champion’ was a major hit worldwide and had everyone dancing to its beats.

He is one of the most considerate and humble people on the face of the earth. Bravo is one of the greatest all-rounders in the cricket field as well as in the outside world. This right-hand batsman and the right-arm medium-fast bowler is making his country proud in all ways possible.



These were the 10 greatest multi-talented athletes of all time. If you have suggestions leave them down in the comments below and we will look into them as soon as possible. We hope you enjoyed reading this list!


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FAQs Regarding Multi-Talented Athletes


Q. What is a multisport athlete?

An athlete who competes in more than one sport is known as a multisport athlete. These athletes usually played two or more sports in high school before focusing on just one sport professionally. Usually, those are known as the multisport athlete.

Q. What is the deadliest sport in the world?

There can be no doubt that base jumping is the most dangerous sport. Statistics show that base jumping has a far greater chance of causing death than any other activity. Base jumpers deploy parachutes to ensure they land safely after jumping from tall buildings, structures, or natural features.

Q. Can a player participate in two games in Olympics?

Consider athletes who are selected for the Olympic team in two different sports. Sounds impossible, doesn't it? Yet, despite their rarity, they do exist. Others have competed in two different summer events, others have competed in two different winter events, while others have competed in one of each.

Q. Why multisport athletes are better?

As adults, multisport athletes have a much higher likelihood of being active. This is because various movements and activities can reduce the chance of overuse injuries associated with just one sport or skill. In addition, athletes who play multiple sports have the chance to heal and develop different muscle groups and movement patterns.

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