When Cristiano Ronaldo Made Manchester Fans Go Crazy

December 19, 2021 By Admin

it's ronaldo it's saved and scores cristiano ronaldo's 100th manchester united goal an established routine it's a great shot it's a second goal of the day for ronaldo he really misses [Music] ronaldo it's a shot of a night when superlatives united had to score they have scored inside six minutes it's the player from portugal [Applause] for manchester united [Applause] now it's cristiano ronaldo sahar waits inside the area ronaldo goes alone and ronaldo.

wins the match for manchester united 87 minutes beautiful ball to ronaldo manchester united [Applause] absolutely sensational he went through albunio and manchester united and cristiano for another year the third year in a row it looks as if there'll be no silverware heading to the arsenal trophy cabinet his 42nd goal of the season it's come against chelsea it's come in the champions league final nothing would make me happier than ronaldo.

back at manchester united cristiano ronaldo has made a sensational return to manchester united he is home at last a fantastic atmosphere 12 years greenwoods greenwoods went for goal golf has missed it we've been waiting 12 years for this he's got 40 yards he finds ronaldo ronaldo ronaldo reclaims his stage.

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  1. Bitrus Mallam Joshua
    Bitrus Mallam Joshua December 19, 2021 08:41

    Am so glad to be United fan.

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