The Day Neymar Jr, Mbappe & Messi Destroyed Pep Guardiola

January 17, 2022 By Admin

Neymar jr is one of the best players of the world who plays in ligue 1 club in Paris .He is also an important as well as consistent part of the national Brazilian team. He plays as a forward player in the team. Every player in the world has one point around which his fame revolves and same is the case with Neymar jr.

Neymar Jr is much fast and swift in running, having an extraordinary control on his feet, with the running speed of thirty one kilometers per hour without being stumbled. He has started playing Football Professionally at the age of 17 and got a remarkable position and rank among the various top players of the world.

Furthermore he has scored 398 goals in his career as a Footballer. It is a great asset of Neymar Jr that he can run fast and steal the match so nicely that a few can do so. Along with this Neymar is wonderful at dribbling. His dribbling technic has a unique effect on the opponent defenders because he stops, flicks the ball, rolling on the field, and sometimes passes the ball between the legs of the defenders and gets it reaching it on the other side

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