Cristiano Ronaldo vs Neymar a boxing bout

January 15, 2022 By Admin

that's the reason I'm married thank you say what you like about me I'm just moving at a different speed hey everybody always the first to tell me not to many saw it I can see that it's a few years you know what that's the reason a man whole life change 2017 going all-in no more in between no days off no lame excuses this is intuition knowing in a fiend there's a real movement there's my real life I dropped out of school then.

I did so I still making more than all these business majors all these business majors taking the advice way back then they were all laughing hope they keep it coming please give me something yeah it's like a lapper you ain't doing nothing to me I really do a you ain't hear me bluffing that's a difference on me you ain't got to passion you ain't got the fire that's the.

 you lacking last month I made more than my parents up arapping so me don't happen they were dead yeah came a long way that's a few years still I want to change it that's the reason I'm here had a battle my scars and find my affairs now what changed that's the reason I'm married they can say what you like I'm just moving at a different speed everybody was the first to tell me not too many Sun when I can see you gotta get away that's a few years that's reason emeriti think I'm dreaming at a loss for words a bit slow know it almost every turn by some rap labels by some music agents told me I don't got the look to make it work if I'm honest with you almost a four I put into the

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