10 Weird Names of a Football Club

August 4, 2021 By khansa

10 Weird Names of a Football Club

Football is full of lesser-known, iconic clubs with legendary names. On the edge of great imagination and a good laugh we have found 10 football clubs that are having some of the weirdest names.

10 Weird Names of a Football Club

BSC Young Boys

It must be impossible to gain any kind of experience in the squad of this Swiss club from Bern. The name was meant as a pun on the name of a Basel club called Old Boys. Now the joke has been going on since 1898.

Cape Coast Mysterious Ebusua Dwarfs

First of all, this Ghanese football team should have an award for this super long, complicated tongue-tying name, that is already making them small legends. But most legendary is how they call themselves mysterious dwarfs. Not sure what went on during that brainstorm.

Chicken Inn F.C.

Never give your name to a sponsor. That must be the lesson from this Zimbabwean football club that took its name from a sponsoring fast-food retailer.

Club Always Ready

Let’s hope the players won’t miss a quickly taken freekick from the opponents. Because this Bolivian team has promised to always be ready.

Club the Strongest

Why do you even need to play the league, when it’s already decided who is going to be the strongest? Clever thought by the Bolivian club, when it was founded in 1908.

Humble Lions F.C.

It’s not unusual to refer to your football team as lions. But to point out that you are very humble lions, is adding special value to this team name. Let’s just hope we don’t see any acting in the penalty area or nasty tackles.

Invincible Eleven

It is not often you can claim a team name for being fake news. But we can report that this Liberian team has lost a match.

Grasshopper Club Zürich

Of all the animals you can pick for your club’s name, why would you choose a grasshopper? Well, we don’t completely know how this Swiss club got its name in 1886. But it’s said that it has something to do with the player’s very energetic goal celebrations. 

Inter Godfather’s

On the east side of the Pacific Ocean, you find the Northern Mariana Islands. Here there are a bunch of guys who are fans of everything Italian. Who else will name their team after Inter Milan – one of the most successful Italian clubs – and The Godfather movies?

Miscellaneous S.C.

Maybe this would be a great name for one of Europe’s top clubs gathering players from all over the world to their team. But you will find this miscellaneous team in Botswana.

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