Tough Competition for the Champions League in Serie A

January 21, 2021 By khansa

Tough Competition for the Champions League in Serie A

The Italian Serie A became arguably the most interesting European league this year, with several teams bidding to win the title. Besides Juventus, the reigning champions, a few other clubs entered the race for Scudetto - Inter Milan, AC Milan, Napoli, Roma, Atalanta, etc. For soccer fans around the world, things can't be better. 

Tough Competition for the Champions League in Serie A

Due to such harsh competition and uncertainty, the football tipsters are leaning towards more likely bets. Among them, the most popular since the year started is who finishes among the top four places, that is, who secures the Champions League spot. Don't think that the situation here is much different because we have several teams chasing these four slots.

At the moment, three teams have separated themselves from others when discussing about the progress to the UCL. Inter with 1/10, AC Milan 1/6, and Juventus at 1/4, who is not looking quite convincing as during the previous years. The battle for that last place will be exciting, with four teams aiming to reach the most prominent club competition in Europe. Napoli's chances are the best when looking at the odds, 4/5, Atalanta is next, 11/10, while the duo from the capital comes after these two, Roma 13/8 and Lazio 13/2.

It is still early on to make any bold judgments, but it seems that the bookmakers have underestimated Lazio. The Eagles have an excellent team filled with fantastic potential. Even though they aren't playing well at the moment, they can always explode and make several wins in a row. Plus, they have the quality to defeat any of the rivals ahead of them. 

The European Golden Boot, Ciro Immobile, started the campaign slower than expected. However, he is still among the favorites for winning the top goalscorer award with the odds for putting his hands on the Capocannoniere trophy at 7/1. 

The only two names ahead are Cristiano Ronaldo 4/7 and Romelu Lukaku 11/2. The Portuguese striker looks ferocious at the moment, but who knows what the future holds. There is one guy who could spoil everyone's plans - Zlatan Ibrahimovic. The Swed's odds are 9/1, but do remember that he has more goals than games played this year, and that if it weren't for injuries, his stats would be much, much better. Inter's Lautaro Martinez is 20/1, Atalanta's Luis Muriel, 25/1. 

We'll say a few words about the title race once we're here. After all, it is one of the most exciting in Europe. Surprisingly. AC Milan tops the standings, and Rosonerri's fans hope to see their favorites lifting the trophy for the first time since 2011.

The bookies are acknowledging their quality, making them the second on the candidates' list. Odds on AC Milan are 9/4, with Inter being the only team with better prospects at the moment, 11/8. Juventus is third, 7/2, while Napoli 9/1, Atalanta 12/1, and Roma 20/1 all come after. The above-mentioned Lazio is 33/1.

Juventus is not as confident as before. The coaching change which introduced Andrea Pirlo as a replacement for Maurizio Sarri didn't work out as planned, and the former legend of the club is under heavy pressure. Inter, too, has problems with its coach, as Antonio Conte constantly has some disputes with the board. 

In such circumstances, AC Milan tries to utilize the current situation, and for the moment, Rosonerri are doing a good job. Napoli could jump out of the dark at some point, but Gennaro Gattuso's crew needs to be more consistent. If they manage to sort that out, the team from San Paolo could make a massive surprise and finally win the Scudetto, the first one since Diego Maradona played for them. It would be a wonderful way to honor their late legend.

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