FC Barcelona Young Talent The Magic of Gavi

December 20, 2021 By Admin

uh yeah my life is lovely now i'm focused on me you said you were about to die i guess the car is on eat but see i ain't even trippin cause i just chose to believe that somebody gon come around and give me just what i need i don't wanna see you finally see you looking down and out coming to me crying saying you miss having me.

your reflex after oh whisked it in it's a snapshot from garabelle causing all sorts of problems now backing into his own penalty area not giving too much help from any of his teammates looking for bale in the far post and bail game the referee draws the first half to a place pretty much as we expected department.

holds off one holds off to still got past casimiro and pleads with the referee it's not an angry lionel messi sharpest mind down there is isco now marcelo pk never out of the headline to the classico but it's a negative headline for jeddah pk something he never wanted to do and that is score for real madrid [Applause] it's good decisive.

attacking play from real madrid teams about success we're getting players into positions around the by line cook's no surprise to see marcelo getting into that position nice parts

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