The Day Cristiano Ronaldo & Neymar Jr Met

December 19, 2021 By Admin

on the ball again just let him down but a lovely little nutmeg that the the crowd has enjoyed as well he has put the ball forward towards bolt and usain bolt does get a goal well we've talked about whether or not he would  and uh what'd you make of him robbie have you decided yes well what what's he doing right there what he can't even get his bib on there right i think i'm going to change his name to mario bibertelli what is he doing he can't get his good one he's trying huh.

barely cross the finish line he achieved to the highest order and now oh this is lovely this is this is what should be all about this is what sport should be all about keep that shepherd called curry here now the medic still just go of course many times it's a police officer or perhaps a member of the firefighting units but it was a special olympian tonight and lebron james after the young man got a standing ovation went over to uh he's uh right down 11-10 mods,

bike he hears will han right there yelling waving his hand see the smoke coming off nice guy thanks bro i owe you dinner now here we go is like the sportsmanship moment of the season so far no  ah she's the one person that doesn't like you she's like the guard outside booking a palace she's getting stable sickles thank you you're gonna carry him off oh dear i've clawed it off and pulled it off by his teammate and by the new zealanders.

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