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course the BBC out front and whenever they start a game they do not lose in a league of the season the last time we did it was actually against Real Madrid in that four nil but we reminded you of just a couple of moments ago Barcelona's 4-3-3.

p.m. and we mentioned just the one change I guess it in for Neymar what is the key for them is he attitude is it to do with the way they mix play together to recover and rediscover feeling I think Teresa Benton had earlier without the ball if they're actually able.

to recover early that's where the danger is of course because with the space you know messy and loose right away let's hand you over to your commentary team it's a very good evening to Jerry Armstrong and Rob Park you David they tell us this is the.

most watched game of football 185 countries all dipping into el gran clásico two teams separate separated historically but in La Liga separated by three points.

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