Barcelona 2-3 Real Madrid Extended Highlights & All Goals 2022 HD

January 12, 2022 By Admin

drop her contact me up and put a plug was like I did my best Jerry to play devil's advocate but yeah there's no defense to surgery whether you see it in slow motion and you'll see the referee was in the frame of the picture as well he had a good.

good he gave himself a lot of a second to think about it Sergio Alabama's is dismissed it's a red card to make two-footed challenge ski interest play both figure roughly had any choice I'll tweet you later there's a PKM do you have a social media presence together oops gets to Gomez operated for Vice Suarez Andre Gomez PK's in the sector for position PK Dynamis.

keep this game he's been in medicine for me busy [Applause] Toni Kroon my son  it's with her who does write his name in the mystery box you said it wrong two minutes ago chairman real Madrid five minutes ago and he gets in at the near post and puts it in lots of fabulous gold it's his seventh goal of the season for.

Hamish Rodriguez and I don't think he's gonna score a more important goal tonight some massive bolts around the drain Kiki wants to get on with it 20 closest ball is good but the ball and the run is even better nobody picking them up he comes from the far post position Rob and nobody picks him up for ailment art for Barcelona nice run at least the other nine yards unmarked and he swatted in pastures they again

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