Football: How Rangers have made it to the top and will dominate the Premier League

May 28, 2021 By khansa

Football:  How Rangers have made it to the top and will dominate the Premier League

We have always known that Rangers FC is a powerhouse, but only this year they are close at having an unbeaten league performance, with new bookies and also established ones placing them at a 9/1 to finalize an unbeaten league. They are so good that punters feel they will retain their title for even the season to come.

The final fixture of the Scottish Premier League will see the Glasgow team settle the beef with Aberdeen in one last match at Ibrox.


How Rangers Will Soon Dominate The Premier League

The good news is that the coach of the Rangers and one of the best football managers, Steven Gerrard, feels that this is the start of a long fruitful relationship with Rangers being at the very top, and both the bookies and the club are pearing for greatness.  Gerrad explained to the press that he will do his utmost to sway the team into winning and that he will strive for more trophies to go to Rangers.

With Rangers having a great track record this year, and only 1 game close to being undisputed champions, new bookies are already placing odds for the next football season. As things currently stand, Rangers are at a 9/1 to go through along with a 4/6 to give the same and great football performance also next year.


Blues Are The Favorites In The Scottish Premier League

New bookies and also established football bookmakers such as Paddy Power, are offering odds for next season, and it looks like the Blues are set to top the premiership charts also next year. Apart from this, odds are being offered also for another unbeatable season for Blues for the 2021 - 2022 football season. As a punter you can also bet on Celtic having a better season than they had this year.

If you are a follower of Scottish football, betting on Rangers would be a good place to start.  You can also go watch a match live, now that fans are being allowed in the football pitches yet once again!

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