Pablo Gavi vs Elche (18/12/2021) Solo Goal & Performance

December 19, 2021 By Admin

with the first team of barça with a pass gabi as it happened in the last day in the salar at the end barça achieved the milk victory by 3 to 2 [Music] and I think the first boat got two goals in 15 minutes put the game uphill all the team always disarm I do not think we have spent a minute the goals we have tried until last minute.

The last good he me It is said that we have to be more brave we have to have personality I think the team what has done the second part if it is good admits from last week has gotten into that we were going to come for victory but it is true when he committed the 22 we have seen there get the camp nou.

And little good with 22 we knew he was a difficult opponent and lately they weren't dating things like I think we deserved and Well, it is a super important victory and we knew we were going to have the our we have had it varied clear to one enters and so very happy I do not agree that only young people are holding the equipment at the final we are all are the 11 who play.

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