Ousmane Dembele was the Best Player for Barcelona Today VS Real Madrid

January 13, 2022 By Admin

acho fernandez ever reliable at the heart of the realm of the defense ben themma 30 league goals between them eight to the atmosphere in the crowd they do seem to be a slight majority after we said barcelona.

try and press high up against them against them in the third ballet playing on the left muslim ballet joe the albert as always looking and when he went onto the plane ambassador flew out here a couple of days ago with his arm in a sling he's wearing a light cast on it gets back attempted clearance goes into dembele and the first corner no it's not gold kick says the referee or just bouncing back off the frenchman.

before he and pedry were cleared to travel you pk once again dembele had a calf strength was expected to be out a little bit longer he's going to give options behind him dembele looks to cut inside frankie did young he's got dembele outside him the left football in there from dembele.

well cleared by nacho [Music] let's show it to gabby wins that challenge against carvajal but the fullback recovers quickly once again cross benzema opens it out to carvajal good work there from the fallback getting in behind dembele gets through one challenge alba makes the second and the throwing medical report last week saying he

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