Most Humiliating Skills in Football History

January 9, 2022 By Admin

and I'm not moving the ball again it's going to take high it came out right Hey guys here who speaks there in today's video let's go leave your opponent on the ground after a Spectacular dribble if you think I missed.

something I know just comment below that we come back in the next video one What are you gonna do wait to get my god oh my god oh  there is a prevalence of oil consumption Valdivia that stains or after And there And there  And there football.

time the players of Botafogo revolts Can get one nice pen gets set attention now since it has a Brazilian space Lok at the what is there that gives the problem that the Guilherme was Spectacular for second let's put a little bit of a wide ribbon go there and And there  And there [Music] [Applause] and already in the Brazilian Championship Patrick do Internacional scored a beautiful goal after a spectacular picture leaving your opponent on the ground I don't know how to take care sorry in front of him Governor I'm not

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