Scott McTominay made his 100th appearance for Manchester United against Sheffield United

December 18, 2020 By Admin

Scott McTominay made his 100th appearance for Manchester United against Sheffield United

Needless to say, Scott McTominay is one of the best players the MUFC Academy has produced in recent times. And now, he also proved his worth in the senior team as he became an integral part of the starting side. Last night, the Scottish star has made his 100th overall appearance in Red Devils jersey in the highly anticipated match of Manchester United against Sheffield United.

David McGoldrick scored the first goal for Sheffield in the 5th minute. However, Marcus Rashford equalizes in the 26th minute for one of the richest football clubs, Manchester United. One of the best football forwards, Anthony Martials, then scored the second goal in the 33rd minute. Shortly after, Rashford scored his brace in the 51st minute. However, David again scored in the 87th minute to finally end the match in a 3-2 score in favor of the Red Devils.

Scott McTominay made his 100th appearance for Manchester United

While talking about their potential performance before the match, Scott McTominay said, “The [away] record’s brilliant. As I say, we’ve spoken about it as a group. We can’t keep falling behind in games and as you see in Leipzig [a 3-2 Champions League defeat], you can just give yourself too much to do. That was something we have to forget about quickly.”

The Scottish star said, “That’s the good thing about football, it moves on so quickly, but you can still tell that everyone is wanting to get back to that stage where we need to prove we should be really competing this year. We know that and we’ve had multiple chats as a group.” He then added, “We have been playing well and people might think because you go a goal down, you’re not playing well.”

Manchester United 3-2 Sheffield United | Full Highlights

Scott McTominay said, “We’ve started some games poorly, but some we’ve started really well and still gone a goal down. Don’t take it as if you go 1-0 down, you’re playing badly. I feel like people jump to that conclusion straightaway.” He then added, “As I say, [at] Everton we controlled the whole game, from minute one to minute 90, but people see you’ve gone a goal down so they think you’re playing badly. As long as we know as a group what we’re doing well and when we need a kick up the bum, we’re on the right track.”

The English Premier League star said, “Yeah, the time’s gone quick, you know? Obviously, you get to that landmark a little bit quicker without injuries. I was out for three months with my knee and eight weeks with my ankle [last season] so that delays the time for getting appearances.” He added, “One of my friends is a Sheffield United fan and he speaks to me regularly about the passion and the love for the football club. Obviously, for them, the fans are a big miss, and everything that goes on with the fans on a matchday is a big miss, but Sheffield United is a very, very good team and they’ve had some really difficult results.”

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