LEGENDARY Moments By Ronaldinho

January 13, 2022 By Admin

coming rooney just slips inside he's got lots of space just ahead of him great acceleration it's in for rooney and that's another terrific stop from given sure if bruni's in an offside position but carrick drifts this ball in beautifully great movement from ronaldo carrick looks up just about off but anyway irrelevant given again.

realize he's not going to win against given good header from o'shea two men lining up the gigs in swinger this time pushing freaking against o'shea i know saying he's made it back for me but uh didn't look very much as  good work here from newcastle the hijack carrick duff powers through he's trying to wrap.

his boot around it but he's getting in a rush it's a wonderful run by ronaldo who thinks he should get a penalty the referee rob style says no well you've got to look at the referee's reaction instant doesn't delay he's thinking doesn't console it this is james milner a decent effort as well from milner the look of anderson's reaction [Applause] and again he cleverly tried to pick his spot wayne rooney going for the little dink almost [Applause] and why not imitation the sincerest form of flattery i think there's an element of a foul on rooney what a beautiful pass and this the skill one side round the other flood of red shirts coming forward rooney it almost drifted in that was neither beast was it so many

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