Legendary Humiliating Skills by Lionel Messi

December 20, 2021 By Admin

comes from neymar pk going up for it start but as you say stuart they look as if they're settling a little bit but here comes messi and he'll get a free kick there and i think there may well be a card too for julian draxler could messi have just played that ball a fraction earlier athena was down the right-hand side he wasn't being picked up if the pass had been in his path he'd got a shot it's messy for barcelona.

and track watches it go over the top oh there's a massive wall put in front of you know messi and then they've got that creativity messy looks for that creativity now they're number 11 neymar who sends that one over the top of track and wide of the post but he's going to get a lot of the ball out on that left hand side there's no left wing back out there for barcelona [Applause] iniesta couldn't get there lucas was able to but it's completely matt inside the penalty area here's iniesta it's well worth having to go for any esta when it comes out to him and he really closes him down there wasn't any space in behind to bend the ball now raffinia clear view of goal.

here  once again it wasn't a particularly confident shot not cross-country rafinha is up within here forced a little wider than he wanted to be barcelona make them pay for it suarez easy save was an easy save as well i think he knew as soon as he took his first touch that little bit wider gives the run from deep lucas with the delivery into the penalty area pk which tries to chase down on marquinhos so he's done well in history oh it's a second goal.

and it really is game on here calamitous defending from parry santa man at barcelona for the second time in the first half forced the ball over the line tune in on the night 4-2 on aggregate and psg's enormous first leg advantage has been cut in half neymar with the delivery and not a good one away rakitic time to pick the cross way as far as some tt and there goes the halftime whistle stewart thank you so barcelona halfway towards to figure out a way to wind the clock down i think this is a lot about time.

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