Lautaro Martinez vs Juventus Supercup (12/01/2022)

January 13, 2022 By Admin

and perhaps in a shooting position here yes it's a late challenge by looking down the shot for martinez it's all inter in the opening stages that's a great chance again for lautaro it's all coming from the frontier over shankar donates because it comes out on that beating allegri.

on the uva bench and then sari also comes on the left but interesting is that but it's still not over don't still feel confident they can turn them from the spot this season is no mistake from the spot interlevel that's a stunning penalty top corner run in the lead came to an end as an opportunity.

challenge rafa benitez on the bench the last time that nintendo won this when they beat roma martinez is a referee but we saw him miss one in the derby again staying upright confusion last year in the cop italia semi-final the other side [Music] might be used and who might come in both correa.

and alexa sanchez have been in good form and this doesn't look good sore one but now he does got it loud disappointment there with the shake of the hand but no doubt deserves his place and into folklore

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