Inter Milan vs Juventus 2-1 Extended Highlights & All Goals 2022 HD

January 12, 2022 By Admin

from anywhere and it is bastogne who fires in inter's 50th of the season well he morbidly sneaks in behind there's an empty net and there's an equalizing goal and inter gift lazio away back into the match chiroi mobile with his first some open play against inter in his career number 15 of this season malinkovic savage.

pedro and the save from antanovich too close to the inter-captain with the immobility waiting at the back of the box is crossing and the crucial header by radu dunphys is there tonight penises double block from lancio and then sanchez and somehow the bianco chilis they survive [Music] sanchez out to bastogne keeper stayed back the head up the crossbar and in the big moments skrinia rises into retake the leads.


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