Brace Yourself! Football is Back!

November 19, 2020 By khansa

Brace Yourself! Football is Back!

As COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, everything came to a standstill. This meant
that football leagues around the world had to be stopped for the safety of the people involved.
All the football fans were now left with no footballing action.

Popular Football Leagues Return!

Football, the beautiful game, is back with a bang! The top leagues such as Bundesliga,
La Liga, EPL, and Serie A have resumed much to the delight of football fans around the
world. The German League, Bundesliga, was one of the first leagues to resume after a break
due to the pandemic.

All safety measures, with respect to the COVID-19, were taken care of
and players, staff were given strict guidelines to follow. The joy of football action returning
was something that every football fan could feel. Bayern Munich has won this season with
games to spare. This season was a bit challenging for them, as they have been pushed further
than they have been in the last eight years.

The next league to resume was Spanish League - La Liga, and the anticipation of the
messiah of football – Lionel Messi gracing the football pitch was at its peak. Although
Barcelona could not win the title, it was great to see legend such as Messi back in action.
Real Madrid club has won the La Liga title this year with power-packed performances from
Eden Hazard, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Benzema, and others. This season of La Liga has
given plenty of moments worth cherishing, and football fans across the globe are sure to
relish them for a long.

The EPL was the next to commence, and Liverpool were strong favorites to win the
title which they eventually did. The wait of 30 years came to an end for Liverpool club and
their fans, as the coveted trophy came back to the club. Right from the manager Jurgen Klopp
to each and every player, all were focussed on winning the EPL title. Players that stood out
were Salah, Mane, Firmino, Virgil van Dijk, and Trent Alexander-Arnold. With the last few
games to go, the real excitement is about which teams make it to the champion’s league next
year along with Liverpool and Manchester City. Also, the bottom teams are fighting it out to
stay away from relegation. An eventful season full of great footballing action has left people with so many Goosebumps-delivering moments.

The next league to resume after the pandemic-forced break was the Italian league –
Serie A. People, especially Ronaldo fans, were excited upon the announcement of the return of

this league. If there are no hiccups, Juventus are well on their way to be crowned as Serie A
champions. The season has been full of exciting football action, with spectacular goals,
comebacks from improbable positions, athletic saves, and many such hair-raising actions.
The Champions League, which has the best teams from leagues around the world, will
resume from 8th August. Epic clashes such as Chelsea vs Bayern Munich, Real Madrid vs
Manchester City are coming up, much to the delight of football fans around the globe.

Liverpool, the defending champions, are already out of the competition, so we are all set to
have a new champion lifting the prestigious trophy this time around. The finale will take
place on 24th August, and supporters of respective teams will hope that their team makes it to
the final.
With such exciting football matches ahead, football enthusiasts are all set to have a
thrilling time. The empty football stands are something that the players, staff, and viewers
around the world will have to get used to until the whole situation somewhat gets normal.

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