Lionel Messi Legendary Fake Plays

December 19, 2021 By Admin

Sometimes you do stuff in training that you say to yourself you're going to do it in the game and that was professional booty but a lot of players can do that i think you know but the thing is to do it on the pitch it's another story clearly [Music] on the edge of the penalty area take your pick from any of the five standing behind this ball well that didn't work too well ship forward straight into the wall it might have worked perfectly on the training pitch it didn't there's rematch foreign brilliant stunning free kick from owen Hargreaves Links fees.

Actually kept the ball in play difficult while he worked for marrow's what a clever penalty that was everyone expecting arizona to take two or three steps back in the end he falls massive and he fooled everyone else what a clever for penalty  it's gonna be a fourth is it it must be it is arsenal have a fourth  middle here he is he lets it run and it's hammered in by greenwood the kind of chance taylor made for him.

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