Cristiano Ronaldo 50 Legendary Goals Impossible To Forget

December 19, 2021 By Admin

on a night when manchester united had to score they have scored inside six minutes it's the player from portugal and it's into the path of cristiano ronaldo to trouble footwork amazing goal for cristiano [Music] ronaldo brilliant ball from leonardo bonucci and his first champions league goal for juventus is smash class david de gea is non-existent with the spanish media at the moment he's ronaldo brilliant.

well watch out manchester united on wednesday a game of big emotions it will be for cristiano ronaldo we wondered whether he'd start tonight guardiola oh what a strike wonderful girl from cristiano ronaldo the goalkeeper was rendered a mere spectator as he pulls the back of the knee he smashed it into the back of the net it gets even better for cristiano ronaldo it's a shot of superlatives and david james might have been playing in the premier league.

ronaldo  delivered in manchester for manchester united sandra to make it 10 for the season  is a truly wonderful weather the man nurtured by manchester united has hurt manchester united absolutely brilliant we are witnessing an exhibition tonight and cristiano ronaldo big builder from the supporters oh you beauty.

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