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December 19, 2021 By Admin

he like hundred pairs hundred million person as the egyptian as arab champions league [Music] he's crying he's out what a shot yeah you do your job more on two center backs being good tonight for haiti oh no look out what a mistake can you believe that happened oh my word duverger canadian board doing a solitude  has gone down clutching an ankle here they didn't appear to be much contact there with the opponent i have to say he's going to take him out he's healthy have a web's gone down he's gonna get a yellow card for diving surely second choice and the ivory coast players have reacted.

it was cato who went down off the ball this is all so unnecessary paco's trotted off into the distance and one or two of the ivory clothes where's the naughty step he's going on it well he's doing it all the fans want to do but carson he's there [Music] as far as henderson  oh that will make him feel a whole lot better control excellent ball noise out of his goal oh that's a risky challenge and so is that going to strike with him.

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