Barcelona vs Real Madrid Extended Highlights & All Goals 2022 HD

January 12, 2022 By Admin

good working backpack in the league early running the campaign benicious junior is he going to make them pay this time yes he does on the mark again the young brazilian who is lighting up the season for real madrid.

they keep on this is a little bit better there's always a threat when luke deyoung is around in the air that is certainly one possible ballet again it's a bit of a misunderstanding right at the weekend switch to the left here frankie leon continues with his run after pay problems in brazil dembele speculative  and was he wanted to take.

that chance boost gets it's a good idea and then not a bad tie we'll catch you with us on bt sport as essential lines up one which deflected and it's almost a slow-motion stave uh from tesh degen in the end it was it slowed the board dembele a dancing fee couldn't get the sheet luke de young come to the near pose and he's gone in barcelona.

at level there was a freakish bouncer doing that barcelona don't care and they have their equalizer four minutes before halftime just short clip there is javi going absolutely ballistic but it got one they're looking for another time adam milital getting it away rio ferdinand and owen hargreaves with lindsey hipgrave to analyze things but the best chances came from from his head do you expect bastard to to maybe change where that's that faster shirt but he has been a bright spot for them in the

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