Barcelona [2] - 0 Elche - Gavi Fantastic Goal

December 18, 2021 By Admin

Here it's Lucas Boyet he puts that opportunity over. You must take your chances when you play at the camp,Now they were to pay for that not in the first half.
Though,Barcelona couldn't beat Badia in the first 45 minutes.
Here's Drinkow trying his best to do.That it's good step from the LJ keeper.I think how starting this game with grizzmann and dembele on the bench images.Now from the second half, here's the first goal of the game.It's Brathwaites back he'll flick into the path of Messi and that's 17 goal.This season for Lao Messi and the opening goal of the match.They made changes at half time.

Brathwaites went to play it as a Central Striker.Messi just behind him and that change would work the trick.There comes the second goal it's Frankie De. Jong charging though pulls the ball back to Messi and he does the rest two-nil that was goal number 18. He's the top scorer in la Liga so far this season and a great image. There of him slowly means way through the white shirts in the pack six yard box, here's goal number 3.

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  1. Abubakar
    Abubakar December 21, 2021 00:49

    Master messi

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