Ansu Fati vs Real Madrid (12/01/2022)

January 13, 2022 By Admin

dembele with the early ball it was ripped up after pay problems in brazil in fairness to him he's had to work back for his team quite a lot [Applause] the matchup had a leading part there's a good opportunity again from torres just to concentrate and pick up dembele dancing feet.

now a player for boss barcelona jinxing don't worry about that russell's nicely healed and he's the start of a new a new club for him player well look at the way he comes on to that opens his body out sees the space pedro to lay it back and it's a really good movement from pedry again it just lifts .

dem ballet doesn't actually get the direction on it he wants give it to dembele again weightless dembele jordy over to his outside dembele once again trying to orchestrate things to ballet good effort and you wouldn't have believed

it no hesitation with his left foot good technique there just get it on he's up to speed now just holding pedry wasn't he going to get tight to him early

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