0% Luck 100% Strange Football Moments

December 19, 2021 By Admin

oh he's going past the ball here leo missy tucks a beautiful girl away so typical of the man two goals in the first leg off the substitute spin two as a stop [Music]  i would like you to say if you can pronounce your full name tomorrow thank you so much [Music] try that look with today's referee chris kavanagh offside kevin yeah but you can say what uh what sergio right is trying to do so he places himself.

hey foreign gone over delayed reaction he's down again they're worried here about ospina [Music] oh the chance here is a skull nelson hernandez puts it over the line and it's a great  but taylor puts it to the goalkeeper's right  foreign.

um we know he's a hardener but that can sometimes be a danger to the player himself if he has a natural courage and the desire to continue  eventually the whistle goes danielle starts with points to the spot i believe it's for the challenge of nikitarian upstate jonathan saved by he atones for his initial error.

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