Are Sports-Themed Video Games Taking Over Your Life?

May 30, 2021 By khansa

Are Sports-Themed Video Games Taking Over Your Life?

It is not at all surprising that two sports-themed video games made it into this year’s top ten bestselling video games of all times. After all, these games combine two things people love – sports and fast-paced video game action. You can engage in these games with friends or on your own.

And if you want company when your friends are not available, there is always someone online ready to play. But what happens when your entire life revolves around your game system? Here’s how to recognize when gaming becomes a problem and what you can do about it.


How to Tell If You Have Video Game Addiction?

The fastest way to get a clue into whether you have a serious problem is to take a video game addiction test. You can take the test online in a few short minutes and get an immediate answer.

It is a simple multiple-choice test based on the symptoms of video game addiction compared to healthy attitudes towards video games. If you answer the questions honestly, you will get an accurate screening to determine if you need to consider seeking help.


Watch for Symptoms

Once you take the test, you should have a clear answer as to whether you possibly have a video game addiction. However, you might also be able to recognize these symptoms for yourself. Also, you can ask friends or family if they have noticed symptoms like these. If you have video game addiction, you will likely experience some or all of the following emotional symptoms.

• Restlessness or irritability when you can’t play.
• Dwelling on thoughts of previous video game experiences.
• Constantly thinking of the next time you will get a chance to play.
• Lying to loved ones, friends, or coworkers about how much time you spend playing video games.
• Avoiding social events and interactions that might interfere with your video game time.
• Feeling the need to spend more and more time playing to feel good.
• Losing interest in other things you once enjoyed.
• Playing video games to ease your emotions when you are feeling down or angry.

You may also have physical symptoms related to your video game addiction, including:

• Fatigue
• Migraines
• Eyestrain
• Carpel tunnel syndrome
• Inattention to personal hygiene

For those who continue in their addiction for the long term, the effects can be even more serious. They may neglect sleep until they develop a sleep disorder. They may become malnourished if they neglect to keep to a healthy diet because they don’t want to walk away from their gaming system long enough to prepare nutritious foods.

If the isolation becomes too extreme, they may destroy relationships with their partner, family, and friends. Some people even throw away an excellent work situation because they put all their thought into video games.


What You Can Do to Curb the Addiction?

So, how are you supposed to deal with such a strong compulsion to play and think about video games? You might be able to help yourself if the addiction hasn’t progressed too far. But for many people, therapy is the best answer to video game addiction.


Practical Tips

Here are a few things you can do if the problem is minimal or just beginning.

• Decide how long you want to play, and do not go over that amount of time per day.
• Never play video games in your bedroom or after the time you need to go to bed.
• Make it a point to engage in some other activity you enjoy every day.
• Get into an exercise routine and stick to it even if you would rather be playing video games.



If you haven’t had success with self-help or don’t want to take a chance that it won’t work, you can always seek help from a qualified mental health counselor. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the best treatments for this disorder because it teaches you to replace unrealistic or unhelpful ideas about video games. As you change your thoughts, your feelings begin to change, and it becomes easier to change your behaviors.



Whether you’re addicted to a sports-themed video game or any other type of game, getting the help you need is essential. Start by taking the test. Then, take the right steps to face and deal with this problem so you can get back to a well-rounded life.

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