Todd Monken Biography, Net Worth, Salary, Career, Family, Personal Life, and Other Interesting Facts

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Todd Robert Monken
Real Name Todd Robert Monken
Nick Name Todd Monken
Profession American Football Coach
Nationality American
Birth Date 05-02-1966
Age 54
Gender Male
Birth Place Wheaton, Illinois, United States
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Religion Christian
Address Athens, GA 30602, United States (University of Georgia)

American football coach Todd Robert Monken, famously known as just Todd Monken, currently serves as the offensive coordinator for the Georgia Bulldogs football team of the University of Georgia. Besides, he also serves as the quarterback coach of the Bulldogs now. Previously, he served as an offensive coordinator for several college football teams including Eastern Michigan University and Oklahoma State University.


Todd Monken Biography and Other Unknown Facts

From 2013 to 2015 college football season, Todd served as the head coach of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles football team of the University of Southern Mississippi. Besides his stint at college football, he also served his duty in the National Football League.

He previously worked as the offensive coordinator for most successful NFL teams like Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, and Jacksonville Jaguars.


Todd Monken College Football Career

Todd took admission in the bachelor’s degree in Economics at the Knox College in Illinois. He then started playing for his college team as a quarterback. For his performance in his senior year, he has achieved his place in the first-team small college All-America.

During that time, he also became a member of the famous Beta Theta Pi. After finishing his graduation, he then started studying at the Grand Valley State University to pursue a master’s degree in education leadership.


Todd Monken College Coaching Career

While perusing his master’s degree at Grand Valley State University, he started working as an offensive coordinator for the team under then-coach Tom Beck. After the departure of Beck, he then started working as a graduate assistant.

Shortly after, he took his duty as a coach with defensive assistant Brian Kelly. He then took his transfer to Notre Dame and started working as a graduate assistant in 1991.

From 1993 to 1999, he worked as the wide receiver coach of the Eastern Michigan University in two different stints. And in 2002, he moved to Louisiana Tech and worked as a wide receiver coach for two seasons.

Todd then moved to Oklahoma State in 2002 and coached till 2004. And then in 2011, he rejoined the team. During that time, he coached one of the best NFL wide receivers, Justin Blackmon.


Todd Monken Recent Career

After then-coach Ellis Johnson witnessed a tragic 0-12 record, Todd joined the Southern Miss football team as their head coach on 10th December 2012. After three seasons, he moved to the National Football League.

Recently on 17th January 2020, he joined the Georgia Bulldogs football team of the University of Georgia as their quarterback coach as well as their offensive coordinator.


Todd Monken NFL Coaching Career

Todd joined the National Football League franchise Jacksonville Jaguars as their wide receiver coach in the 2007 NFL season. He then joined another NFL side Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their offensive coordinator on 24th January 2016.

But his stint with the Buccaneers lasted for just two seasons. He then joined the NFL franchise Cleveland Browns as the offensive coordinator on 1st January 2019.


Todd Monken Childhood and Family

Born on 5th February 1966, Todd Monken grew up in the Wheaton suburb in Illinois, United States, along with his brother, Ted Monken. Like Todd, Ted is also a professional American football coach and previously served as the head coach of the St. Charles East and West Chicago.

One of Todd’s cousins, Jeff Monken, currently serves as the head coach of the United States Military Academy in college football.

Almost all the members of Todd’s family are connected to the coaching job. His uncle, Mike, also coached for more than 30 years. Todd Monken married his wife Terri Monken after having a brief period of a romantic relationship. The couple now has a son together named Travis Monken.


Todd Monken Net Worth

According to the recent financial reports, the current net worth of Todd Monken is estimated to be around $2 million as of the 2021-22 American football season. He now gets nearly $1.1 million annual salary for his association with the University of Georgia. Besides, he also earns from public appearances and sponsorship deals.


FAQs Regarding Todd Monken

Q. Who is Todd Monken?

Todd Monken is an American football coach currently serving as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Georgia Bulldogs football team of the University of Georgia. He also previously served as the offensive coordinator for several NFL franchises including Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

Q. Is Todd Monken related to Jeff Monken?

Yes, Todd Monken is the cousin of Jeff Monken. Jeff is currently serving as the head coach of the United States Military Academy football team that participates in college football. The whole Monken family is related to the coaching profession.

Q. What kind of offense does Todd Monken run?

Todd Monken mainly implements a pass-first strategy to his teams. The traditional term of that strategy is called the "Air Raid" offense. And for his offense strategies, the teams that he coached achieved some big success in both college football and the National Football League.

Q. What is the personal achievement of Todd Monken?

Todd Monken helped the Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles football team to become the C-USA West Division champion in 2015. And for his performance that season, he received the C-USA Coach of the Year award.

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