Reasons Behind Sports Organisations Support Responsible Gambling

April 11, 2021 By Admin

Reasons Behind Sports Organisations Support Responsible Gambling

Gambling, in spite of being one of the most popular recreational activities in the UK, addictive nature of the practice is undeniable. The instant gratification achieved through gambling makes people hooked onto it which with time turns into an addiction. Gambling gives our brains a certain amount of high which becomes highly sought after especially for the people with lives of monotony. It is indeed an expensive entertainment form considering the fact that the loss one faces is as major as the win, and oftentimes the loss is more than one can bear with.

These major losses can almost lead people into going bankrupt. It has been realized by the sports associations how important it is to spread the words of caution evoking a sense of responsibility in people while engaging in gambling activities. Needless to say, it causes severe harm to punters and is a matter of concern for public well-being. Hence moderation is the key to enjoy such entertainment forms.

Raising Awareness about Gambling Problems in the UK

The abundance of advertisements often leads to people overindulging in gambling. In the UK there are plenty of sportsbook options available locally and at much accessible distance which does not always allow containing the affinity for betting within oneself. Hence, the awareness regarding the harmful effects of gambling is most necessary to be preached across every possible platform.

This is to make people realize the importance of moderation while taking part in gambling and practice the same with responsibility. About 2 million people are at risk of becoming victims of gambling abuse. The growth of the gambling industry increases the chance of more people falling prey to it. So, preaching the word of caution is a thoughtful move observed in the sports industry of the UK.

Not just limited to that, the step involves safeguarding the players and the members of the association by engaging them in certain activities and attending workshops related to responsible gambling programs. This keeps the members safe from getting into the downward spiral as a result of addictive gambling as well as engages them in activities of social welfare, positively impacting their mental health.

Punters playing at UKGC licensed casinos have the provision of exercising self-exclusion through innovative schemes such as GamStop, GamBan, and GamCare. Forums such as GamCare are tailored to provide the necessary support to players reeling under the pitfalls of compulsive gambling.

Spread Information about Self Exclusion like GamStop

Spreading the word of caution is for the people who are at risk. For the people who are already dealing with addiction issues related to gambling, sending out the message of having a solution to it is important. Here GamStop comes to play which is an independent self-exclusion scheme promoting the abolition of addictive gambling through voluntary self-exclusion.

To solve the nationwide problem of gambling, it is a step taken by the government to keep and service the charges of GamStop absolutely free for players in the UK. Moreover, users can choose the span of exclusion but once registered no access is granted to websites (registered under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission) providing gambling services. However, British citizens can still use websites not with GamStop services that are registered and operating abroad.

Football clubs like Luton Town Football Club and Middlesbrough Football Club actively promote GamStop during the match days and also at the websites and social media handles. In lieu of this, these football clubs receive sponsorships to sustain their smooth operation and retain the quality of the team. Premier League teams like Swansea City and West Ham United have taken part in Safer Gambling Week since the year 2018 to show their support and stand in solidarity with the affected citizens battling gambling addiction. 

Correct Social Position Among Athletes 

The members of the sports organizations are not immune from being vulnerable to issues related to gambling abuse. So these workshops the team members of these clubs are made to attend are important for their well-being as well as promoting the correct lifestyle for public welfare positively impacts their reputation in the social setting.

The fact that they are using their influence for the betterment of society adds to their public image which is important for maintaining a stable career in the sports industry.


Sports organizations are promoting responsible gambling for serving the public interest as well as to receive funding through sponsorships that help them maintaining the club standards. Moreover, the same step positively impacts the lifestyle of the team safeguarding them from falling prey to gambling abuse.

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