Top 10 Best Wicketkeepers In IPL Of All Time

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Top 10 Best Wicketkeepers In IPL Of All Time

IPL is the league of the best cricket players worldwide because of its high budget investment and global fan following. If you are a cricket fan, you probably know that the Indian Premium League is one of the best cricket leagues in the world.

We all know that there are many batsmen and bowlers with outstanding performances and records in IPL. Still, now we list down the best wicketkeepers in IPL of all time, which proved themselves to be on the list with their exceptional wicketkeeper career.

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The Best Wicketkeepers In IPL With Most Dismissals | Rankings

You may have already liked our list of the greatest wicketkeepers in the cricket world. And now, we have picked the best IPL wicketkeepers of all time.


10. KL Rahul


Kannur Lokesh Rahul, known as KL Rahul, is an international cricketer from India who plays as a wicketkeeper in IPL for the Punjab Kings. Rahul is one of the best right-handed batsmen in the world. But KL's performance in IPL as a wicketkeeper also makes him one of the best wicketkeepers in IPL.

He played for four different teams till now in IPL. KL has had 42 dismissals in 56 matches till now, including 36 catches and six stumps. Rahul made his IPL debut playing for Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2013. He destroyed his opponents by scoring 132 off just 69 balls; it was the highest score by an Indian batsman and a captain in an IPL match.

KL made these records against RCB as a Captain of Punjab Kings. He scored five fifties and one century till now. After scoring the most runs, Rahul won the Orange Cap in the IPL 2020.


9. Kumar Sangakkara


Kumar Chokshanada Sangakkara, known as Kumar Sangakkara, is a former cricketer from Sri Lanka.  It is generally considered that he is one of the greatest batsmen in the history of the game. During a 15-year international cricket career, Sangakkara scored 28,016 runs in all formats.

Sangakkara has done tremendous work in IPL as a wicketkeeper with 45 dismissals in 51 matches with 36 catches and nine stumps. Furthermore, Sangakkara has played in five seasons, being a part of three different teams in the Indian Premier League. He has scored 1567 runs in 62 matches, including ten half-centuries.

The only other Sri Lankan to surpass 10,000 test runs after Jayawardene is Sangakkara, who is the fasted batsman to achieve 8,000, 9,000, and 11,000 test runs. One of the greatest left-handed batsmen of all time, Sangakkara surely deserves his place on this list.


8. Rishabh Pant


Rishabh Rajendra Pant, known as Rishabh Pant, is a professional cricketer from India who plays for Delhi Capitals in IPL as a wicketkeeper. He is also a part of India's national cricket team since 2017.

Pant's wicketkeeper career in IPL is fantastic and impressive because of 60 dismissals in 66 matches with 47 catches and 13 stumps. He made his IPL debut in 2016, playing for Delhi Daredevils.

As of March 2021, Pant has been tapped as the captain of the Delhi Capitals. Before KL Rahul, Pant was the man who has the record of the highest individual score by an Indian player in IPL, with 128 not out in 63 balls.


7. Quinton de Kock


Quinton de Kock has represented South Africa in all three formats of international cricket. At the domestic level, Kock is playing for the Titans. His impressive performance earned him the Cricketer of the Year award at Cricket SA's 2017 Annual Awards.

He plays for the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League and for South Africa internationally. De Kock is one of those best wicketkeepers in IPL who amazed the cricket fans because of their remarkable performance.

De Kock has a total of 62 dismissals till now in 65 matches with 48 catches and 14 stumps. He made his IPL debut in 2013 after being selected by Sunrisers Hyderabad. He played for four different teams till now in IPL. During the 2019 season, he was the top run-scorer for Mumbai Indians.


6. Adam Gilchrist


Adam Craig Gilchrist, known as Adam Gilchrist, is a former cricketer from Australia. Besides being one of the best wicketkeepers in IPL, he is also considered one of the greatest wicketkeepers in cricket history.

Gilchrist has a remarkable career in IPL as a wicketkeeper with 67 dismissals in 80 matches with 51 catches and 16 stumps. As of 2015, Kumar Sangakkara had surpassed Gilchrist's world record for one-day international dismissals.

Gilchrist had the most dismissals by an Australian wicketkeeper in Test cricket. He made his IPL debut in 2008 after being signed by Deccan Chargers. Gilchrist played a total of six IPL seasons with two different teams.


5. Wriddhiman Saha


Wriddhiman Prasanta Saha, known as Wriddhiman Saha, is an international cricketer from India who plays for Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL. Saha is famous for his remarkable wicketkeeper career among cricket fans, including 81 dismissals in 106 matches with 61 catches and 20 stumps.

Saha made his IPL debut in 2008 after being signed by Kolkata Knight Riders. Saha played for four different teams till now. And for all the teams, he delivered remarkable performances.

The Kings XI Punjab wicketkeeper became the first player to score a century in an IPL. This final was against KKR with 115 runs from 55 balls, including ten fours and eight sixes.


4. Parthiv Patel


Parthiv Ajay Patel, known as Parthiv Patel, is a former cricketer from India who played for six different teams in IPL. However, Patel was never considered a well-known and successful T20 international player.

But he is one of the best wicketkeepers in IPL because of his 82 dismissals in 122 matches with 66 catches and 16 stumps. Patel made his IPL debut with Chennai Super Kings in 2008. And since then, one of the shortest cricketers, Patel, has done amazing keeping.

He became the youngest Test wicketkeeper ever when he played for India in 2002. Patel's impressive wicketkeeper career in IPL made him be on this list.


3. Robin Uthappa


Robin Venu Uthappa, known as Robin Uthappa, is a cricketer from India who played for eight different teams in Indian Premium League and made his IPL debut with Mumbai Indians in 2008.

Robin Uthappa remained the top scorer for Pune Warriors India in season 5 with 405 runs from 16 games, including 69 against the RCB.

The team's performance was disappointing in season six, like in season five, but Robin Uthappa scored 434 runs in 16 matches. Robin still counts as one of the best wicketkeepers in IPL because of his 90 dismissals in 114 games with 57 catches and 33 stumps.


2. Dinesh Karthik


Dinesh Karthik is a wicketkeeper-batsman from India who is playing for Kolkata Knight Riders as a vice-captain. Karthik has been the second-best wicketkeeper in IPL of all time till now because of his extraordinary performance and skills.

The guy has a record of 144 dismissals in 188 matches with 113 catches and 31 stumps. Karthik played for six different IPL teams till now and made his debut with Delhi Daredevils in 2008.

CricBuzz named Karthik as the wicketkeeper of the IPL XI in 2017. Besides, several cricket fans also named him as one of the greatest batsmen India has ever produced.


1. MS Dhoni


Mahendra Singh Dhoni, known as MS Dhoni, is a former cricketer from India. In ODI cricket, Dhoni is one of the foremost run-scoring batsmen, with over 10,000 runs scored. As a wicketkeeper, he was the first to remove the stumps of 100 batsmen in ODI cricket.

His leadership has led India to victory at the Twenty20 World Cup in 2007, ICC Asia Cup in 2010 and 2016, and the World Cup in 2011. He has also won the Champion Trophy of 2013. Besides his international achievements, Dhoni is the best wicketkeeper in IPL because of his remarkable 153 dismissals in 205 matches with 114 catches and 39 stumps.

Being a multi-talented individual, Dhoni holds many records, including the record for playing the most T20I matches, both as captain and a wicket-keeper. He is still widely regarded as one of the best finishers in cricket history.


Final Words

We hope you liked the list of our best wicketkeepers in IPL. We would love to have your precious feedback in the comment box.


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