3 Tournament Related Golf Careers

November 26, 2020 By khansa

3 Tournament Related Golf Careers

When it comes to golf careers, you may be surprised at the sheer number you have to choose from when you start searching around. Each career is equally important to the golf industry, but three stand out. 

To give you a good understanding of what each one entails, we're going to go over each of the three biggest career choices you can pick in the golf industry below.

Golf Course View
Golf Course View

Tournament Director

The position of tournament director is likened to an official at a competitive gaming or sporting event. This person is usually responsible for a number of key functions throughout the tournament itself. The amount of duties the tournament director has to take on will vary greatly depending on the nature of the competition, the tournament's size, and how many other officials are available to help delegate tasks to. 

The most common tasks this person will have to perform include:

The two most common sports that use this job position are golf and tennis, or individual sports where they will organize every competition on a separate basis. The national average salary for a tournament director position is $54,000. While this isn't incredibly high, you get to spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying a game that you love. Also, many rich club owners require that their tournament directors have a degree in the golf industry and have a few years of experience in and on the course.

Tournament Operations Manager

A second job that is very popular in the golf circuit is the tournament operations manager. This person is responsible for the daily operations of any tournaments that the club hosts. They are the ones that are responsible for ensuring there is adequate staff to help with the tournament or any other golf-related events that go on. They usually do a lot of work on the weekends since this is when the course is the busiest, and they help ensure a high rate of customer satisfaction while overseeing other employees.

This position also gets a lot of the duties delegated to them that the tournament director doesn't have time to take care of during the tournament. They may help plan the tournament and work out the logistics beforehand. Also, they're usually the ones last on the course when the tournament ends. 

The average salary ranges around $52,000 per year. You'll typically need a degree in the golf field and several years of experience before you can take this job.

Tournament Manager

The final job on the list is the tournament manager. This position will ensure that the course is ready and set up for the tournament a day or two early. This position helps keep track of all of the golfers' items during the tournament, like scorecards, balls, and other items. They also help manage the course during play to ensure that teams aren't getting too close to one another and that everyone follows the correct format.

Securing funds before and after the tournament is another important role for this job, and this position is typically responsible for collecting all of the player's cards to help determine a winner. At the end of the tournament, this person would help clean up and close down the course and clubhouse properly. 

The average salary for this position is around $44,000 per year. It's a good idea to have a degree from the golf industry related to this position. Most clubhouses require people with a few years of experience.

The Importance of a Golf Degree with These Three Jobs

Having a golf degree related to whichever job you want in the golf industry is very important as it gives you a leg up on your competition. It opens the door for internships, and this is where you can start making strong connections and forming a network to help you advance in your career.

Golf degrees range from certificate programs up to four years and beyond, which will look very good on your resume. You'll learn valuable industry skills and knowledge, and you'll get chances to hone your skills to make sure you're well prepared for the actual workforce. If you do, you'll stand a better chance of landing one of these golf careers at a quality course.

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