Top 10 Unique Basketball Courts In The World

October 11, 2022 By khansa

Top 10 Unique Basketball Courts In The World

Have you ever wondered how fun it would be to play your favorite sports on a uniquely designed court? If not, then you would want to after going through this list. I am here with the most fabulous top 10 unique basketball courts in the world that will surely amaze you. The courts mentioned below are in various countries, so you might have to travel a lot to visit these courts.


Fascinating Basketball Courts Around The World

Let's get started with the list and check how amazing these courts are!


1. Pigalle - Paris, France


There is no doubt that this basketball court is one of the best-painted basketball courts in the world. The designers and painters made sure to give it a classy look that everyone would want.

This court is not basically in a wide-open area, but it is located between two tall buildings. But the site is wide enough to let all of the players play with all of their hearts out.

The 1930's oil painting inspires this court's colors by Kasimir Malevich, a Russian artist. If we talk about the court's design, it was first made with the partnership between the famous sports brand "Nike" and an aforementioned brand back in the days. The court is also pretty popular on social media as most people liked it so much that they decided to visit it.

It is true that the composition of the colors there is impressive and can attract anyone towards it. So if you are more of a player who loves to play around with the colors and packed space, you should visit the 9th arrondissement of Paris at the earliest.


2. Angels Gate Park in San Pedro, California


The view of the vast blue ocean, along with a beautiful sight of mountains, is what makes Angels Gate Park different from other courts. The court is just on the shore of the Pacific Ocean in San Pedro, which makes it even more worthwhile.

The playing experience can be refreshing than ever at Angels Gate Park because of the ocean's cold winds. If we talk about its specific location, it is located just on the Pacific Ocean's shore from where you can get the beautiful sight of the coastline and Santa Catalina Island.

Aside from the basketball court, there is also a massive area for family entertainment, including various popular things and eateries. In short, it is an all-in-one entertainment place where you can bring your family as well. But there is one vital thing to note here; the basketball court does not have any boundaries around.

So it might be difficult for amateur players to play there. The lack of boundaries allows the basketball to roll towards the ocean, which can unquestionably cause trouble. So if you live in California or nearby and want to have a unique experience playing basketball, there could not really be any place better than this.


3. 3D Basketball Court in Munich, Germany


It is really considered one of the most challenging basketball courts around the world. The mounds on the basketball court make it very hard to play fairly.

But there actually is no denying that the court itself has its uniqueness and coolness. The court is usually not used that much because of its structure and design, but it is worth trying.

It might take a little while (or more) to adjust your eyes and body towards the court, but once you get a good grip on it, it will be much easier to play. What fun would it really be to play on a usual basketball court that you can find anywhere, right?

That is why it is good to try something more challenging that can make you more flexible, make your vision better, and enhance your abilities within a short time. But do note that the LED lights are also placed right on the court, so you will have to dodge them too. You might actually end up paying a large sum for that if you are not careful enough.


4. City Wall Rooftop Court in Dubrovnik, Croatia


Dubrovnik is one of the most know historic cities around the world because of its history. It is also a great historical city for tourists because of its remarkable sights and places. You can find the City Wall Rooftop court on the top of the roofs of the Terra-Cotta.

The court is easily visible by the tourists as there are stairs along with the court wall. If you plan to play with the full two teams on that court, you might face some difficulties there. The basketball hoops' positions are a little out of the line, as one of the hoops stands where it should, but the other one is pretty out of the line.

It can offer an excellent experience for professional players. Still, the new ones might consider it unfair for the opposing team to get the court with a differently placed basketball hoop.

Not only that, this court sometimes turns into a football ground by the players when there is no basketball match scheduled. So whether you are interested in basketball or football, you can visit it to enjoy any of them.


5. Eurobasket Basketball Court in Postojna Cave, Slovenia


Have you ever considered playing basketball in a cave? I bet you have not! But there indeed is a basketball court you can find in a cave located in Slovenia. This basketball court got attention back in 2012 when Eurobasket 2013 draws were held there.

Thousands of people booked tickets to watch the draws to get a unique experience of watching basketball on a court. But if you think about what the court looked like, let me tell you that the court itself was not that unique. Only the location made it awesome.

The court was based on the same old blue design with white strips, as of course, it was an official tournament, and it was understandable. The cave is usually pitched dark, and it is lighted with the LED lights to make it visible.

But the thing is, not many matches are held there because there are problems with air in the cave. Besides that, there is a shallow capacity for the visitors to watch the game in the Postojna Cave, making it more unlikely to hold the matches there.


6. The floating basketball court in Lake Tonle Sap, Cambodia


This basketball court is based in Chong Khneas, a small village located in Cambodia. Almost everything in the town is floating, including the houses, schools, markets, institutes, even the farm.

That is why the people of Chong Khneas came up with the idea to build a floating basketball court just like the other things based there. The court is pretty steady and sturdy, and the players usually don't face hurdles playing there.

But the basketball court indeed gets unstable in the stormy weather and makes it impossible to play.

So if you want to play on a floating basketball court, you will have to come up with a deal with the residents to allow you to play. Other than that, it can indeed be an excellent experience for everyone.


7. House of Mamba in Shanghai, China


As the world is transforming with every passing day, so do the basketball courts and their preference. The house of the Mamba Basketball Court is just a glimpse of futuristic sports where all the players will interact with technology. This basketball court has many LED screens that show the players' statistics, including their paying style, movements, stamina, and much more.

But unfortunately, you won't really be able to play on this basketball court as it is exclusive for the official players and the academies. Until or unless you are on a high school team, you won't get access to this basketball court.

This court can also change its color because of the enormous lights integrated into the court's ceilings. The lights are adjusted as per the match and the demands following the tournaments.

The players can also get insights into their positions and next attacks through the screen visuals place right there in the court.


8. Esplanade Court by St. Lawrence Market in Toronto, Canada


If you are living in Toronto, then it is not possible that you have not visited the famous St. Lawrence Market there. So why not relieve yourself a bit by playing basketball at the Esplanade Court just by St. Lawrence Market?

Well, it would be great and satisfying as the court itself offers impressive looks and vibes to the players. The wall where the hoop is integrated has some cool white lines, making it even more impressive. The overall fence is black, which sometimes makes it confusing for the players to throw the ball.

Other than that, the basketball court's floor is red in color, which is pretty different than the same old brown floors all over the world.

So it can be an excellent experience for the Canadians and the tourists who love basketball and want to have a change in their basketball life. 


9. Nike Court on the River Thames in London


Is there really any soul in this world that does not want to visit London? There might not be because London is the hub of everything a human would need to entertain. The Nike court is located just beside the River Thames that offers pretty iconic views to the players.

The overall view of the Nike Court is what makes it a superior court in the world. Not only that, the breezing winds from River Thames offer the best possible feelings to the players and refresh them for their games.

The court consists of portable basketball hoops that are adjustable, and the players can adjust them as per their preference. The best thing is that the floor of the Nike Court has unique patterns on it, which allows the players to play smoothly.

There is no hassle of injuries due to slipperiness, and the players can play with all their hearts out!


10. Hall of Fame basketball court in Springfield, USA


As we all know, the United States of America is the central hub of basketball, and it produces one of the finest basketball players around the world. That is why they are also considered as the beasts of this game without a doubt.

The hall of the fame basketball court is located in Springfield that also offers training and playing experience to players of all ages. Players can build their careers as they provide all the needed essentials to the players. The basketball court has a round ceiling like a tomb and has a pretty unique seating area.

The colors, ceiling, structure, and atmosphere of the court offer the all-in-one experience a player would want. There is no hassle of unfairly located basketball hoops or fairly bright lights.

Everything there is professional and designed for the players who wish to pursue their careers as professional basketball players. So it is worth visiting the hall of fame basketball court if you live nearby and experience one of the best courts around the world along with all the facilities.


Most Unique Basketball Courts - Believe It Or Not!


Final Verdict

Every court mentioned above is unique and offers an unrealistic experience to the players they would only dream of. But the thing is, these courts are the reality and located in their respective regions.

Many enthusiast basketball players even travel a lot to experience how they would perform in different basketball courts worldwide. So if you are one of them and can spend some bucks on something you love, it is unquestionably worth trying out these courts in a lifetime.

This post is written by our guest blogger Justin Rodriguez, Justin is a former basketball player and currently he is writing at Don’t forget to checkout his recent published post on 7 Best Basketball Hoops for Driveway.

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