The 10 Biggest Hockey Hits In NHL History

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The 10 Biggest Hockey Hits In NHL History

Watching players smashing opponents with checking is considered one of the most thrilling moments ever in sports history for NHL fans. The authorities tried different rulings to make the gameplay safer and secure with keeping the excitement. Also, they tried to make the scoring easy, which is really difficult with this dangerous defend.

However, the NHL players are always tried to make the biggest hockey hits in the National Hockey League history. We are going to discuss the top massive hits in NHL that outraged the opponents for defending.


Biggest Hockey Hits In NHL history

You may have already liked our exclusive list of the greatest NHL players of all time. But, no one can be as great without hitting some solid hockey hits. And here they are.


10. Niklas Kronwall Knocks Out Martin Havlat


A massive bodycheck by Detroit Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall on Chicago Blackhawks' forward Martin Havlat in game three of the Western Conference Final playoff series occurred on May 22, 2009.

This controversial hit by Kronwall is considered to be of the biggest hockey hits of all time. Kronwall had to face a major penalty because of misconducting the game and for the interference.

But many people find it not suitable for Kronwall to be in the penalty box because thinking it to be a clean hit. There were no officials why Kronwall should be ejected and penalized, so neither one of those penalties was called.


9. Raffi Torres Hit On Brent Seabrook


After being suspended four times throughout his career, Vancouver Canucks star Raffi Torres still knocked out Chicago Blackhawks defenseman and gold medalist Brent Seabrook.

He was smashed in the Western Conference Quarterfinal playoff series by Raffi in April 2011. Besides that, after crushing Brent, Raffi was not suspended but got the two minutes minor.

But his deadly hit is one of the biggest hockey hit ever that is not easy to endure for a player. The thrilling playoff turned to be more exciting after the three-on-three ties between the teams, and the Vancouver Canucks won the match with seven overtime games.


8. Eric Lindros Smashed Vladimir Konstantinov


In 1997, the Quebec Nordiques' Eric Lindros shattered Detroit Red Wings' Vladimir Konstantinov with a shoulder checking that felled him down two times again standing after the hit.

Eric's wild hit to Vladimir makes it one of the biggest hockey hits that changed the game's atmosphere.

Due to the brutal hit, Vladimir's head had to face the glass so terribly and made him suffer a lot. And the NHL fans will surely recall this hit for a very long time.


7. Trevor Linden Crushed Jeff Norton


A hard body check was delivered by Trevor Linden to St. Louis Blues captain Jeff Norton in game three of the Western Conference quarterfinals on May 11, 1995.

This terrible hit has totally shattered the glass.

This hit of Trevor is one of the most popular among the biggest hockey hits ever in the National Hockey League. With a 6-1 win, the Canucks took an early 2-1 lead in the series.


6. Bryan Marchment Hit On Donald Brashear


In January 2002, San Jose Sharks' Bryan smashed the Philadelphia Flyers' Doland with a shoulder checking in the ice center.

Bryan's brutal hit turns out to be one of the biggest hockey hits, making the gameplay's environment even more thrilling and exciting.

This harsh hit also set the momentum for the Sharks to win, which results in the 5-2 lead against the Flyers. In the game, both the players give a tough time to each other with hard hits continuously.


5. Scott Stevens Hit On Paul Kariya


Scott Stevens delivered a deadly open-ice hit on Anaheim Ducks star Paul Kariya in game six of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Anaheim Ducks and New Jersey Devils.

This brutal hit forced Kariya to receive a concussion because of his unstable condition at that moment of the game.

But later, Kariya came back by surprising everyone and hit a remarkable goal that helps the Ducks win the game with the lead of 4-1. However, Scott's hit turns out to be one of the biggest hockey hits because of the condition of Kariya before hitting the goal.


4. Darcy Tucker Shocking Hit On Sami Kapanen


Darcy Tucker, a Toronto Maple Leaf, grounded Sami Kapanen, the Philadelphia Flyer, hard into the boards in overtime of game six of the Eastern Conference Semi-finals on May 4, 2004.

Darcy's pitiless hit makes Sami unstable, that he took 15 seconds to stood up properly after falling three again.

Also, this hit was one of the biggest hits of NHL history because, after the hit, the ambiance of the game was totally changed, which excites the fans.


3. Scott Stevens Shocking Hit On Slava Kozlov


Scott Stevens, of the New Jersey Devils, defended the goals with his deadly hits, and he is considered one of the most intimidating body checkers in NHL history.

Scott defends the goal with a fatal hit against the Red Wings forward Slava Kozlov during the second period of game two of the Stanley Cup Finals on June 20, 1995.

Scott's one of the biggest NHL hits helps win the game with the lead of 2-0.


2. Brian Campbell On R.J. Umberger


The Buffalo Sabres' Brian Campbell delivered a hard shoulder check on Philadelphia Flyers' R.J. Umberger during the first overtime period of game one of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals on 22nd April 2006.

It was so brutal that it disturbs the jawline of Umberger so badly.

With one of these biggest hockey hits, the game's atmosphere changed in seconds and turned out to be thrilling for both sides.


1. Scott Stevens On Eric Lindros


In 2000, Scott delivered Eric a deadly shoulder check in the seventh game of the Eastern Conference final. This brutal hit damaged the jawline of Eric. Also, it is considered the biggest hockey hit ever in the history of the NHL.

Eric had to go to the concussion because of the damage. And Scott, on the other hand, became widely reputed as one of the most dangerous hockey players.

This brutal hit is one of the main reasons for his early retirement, including the eight concussions.


Final Words

We hope you liked the ten biggest hockey hits ever in NHL. We would appreciate having feedback from you in the comment box.


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