Top 10 Best Christmas Games For Everyone

August 25, 2021 By Sourav

Top 10 Best Christmas Games For Everyone

Christmas is that time of the year when people like to have a lot of fun and let their hair down. There are several fun Christmas games that are played all over the world. So let us take a look at the Top 10 Best Christmas Games For Everyone.


Best Christmas Games For Everyone In 2021

In some places, it is the time for snow and ice, while in other places, the weather is just perfect to carry out any sport or game that would be difficult to play in the hot summertime.

10. Do You See What I See?



The “Do You See What I See?” game is quite a well-known game among children during the Christmas season and adult players can also participate in the game as it is quite fun to play.

First, two children sit back to back in front of the group. Hosts then give one child a holiday object such as an ornament or card while giving a piece of paper and something to draw with to the other child.

The first player now describes the object so that his or her partner can attempt to draw it but the catch is that he cannot say what the object is. The quality of the final drawing depends on how well it was described.

An alternate version of this game can be played while giving two children two trays with the same objects. This game surely deserves its mention among the top 10 best Christmas games for everyone.


9. Crown of the king



This fun Christmas game uses a British tradition that is king’s paper crowns. This is quite a common game throughout the planet as a party starter during the Christmas season.

First, the host writes a Christmas word on the front of each paper crown such as an ornament, present, Santa, snowman, eggnog, etc. Now the crowns are handed to each of the participants. This game now holds its place among the top 10 best Christmas games for everyone.

The players now have to guess the word on their crown only by asking a fellow player one yes or no question about their word at a time, then the game must move on to the next player while giving the same number of chances to each participant.

The first participants to accurately guess the word by asking fewer questions wins the game. Christmas carols can also be used as an alternate version of this fun game.


8. North Pole Two-by-Two



Two-by-Two is a loud game that will get all the participants laughing. This game is also quite popular as a perfect ice-breaker for all ages at the Christmas party. Even the youngest guest can understand the rules as it is very simple and fun.

While facing each other, every participant should stand in two parallel lines. Each participant in one line is given a piece of paper with an animal name on it that belongs to the North Pole.

Then, the matching pieces of paper are given to each participant on the opposite line. Now the catch is that everyone should act like their assigned animal at the word “go” such as stomping their hooves, waddling like a penguin, and flapping their wings.

Each participant now tries to find their “mate” by the gesture on the opposite side of the room. This game now holds eighth place in our list of the top 10 best Christmas games for everyone.


7. Twelve Days of Christmas Relay



When it centers around Christmas, everyone loves a relay race. First, the host needs to gather a collection of items to represent those named in the lyrics of the “Twelve Days of Christmas" song.

It is quite possible by finding pictures on the Internet, using recycled Christmas cards, and grab some items from around the house such as a plastic bird to represent the partridge in the song. This game surely deserves its mention among the top 10 best Christmas games for everyone.

The collection of items can be labeled if necessary just to make sure that the kids can understand which lyric matches each item. The host now places two buckets with the items at the other end of the room and gives each team an empty bucket.

The motto of the game is that each team should gather the items in the order of the lyrics. The first team to collect all twelve items inside their bucket wins.


6. Name the logo



This is a game that is used as a party starter for Christmas and is a great game for a Holiday Office Party. The ingredients of this game are simple as it only needs Notecards, Magazines, Scissors, and Tape.

The host first goes through magazines and cuts out logos of different recognizable brands such as 7Up dot, Nike swooshes, etc., and pastes each on a notecard. This game surely deserves its place among the top 10 best Christmas games for everyone.

The notecards should be numbered so that guests can write down their guesses and the host can find the respective answer of a particular notecard.

The host then allows the participants to walk around the room and write down their guesses through the party. The solution is the easiest a game could have: the participants with the most correct guesses wins.


5. The Amazing Holiday Maze



This game is quite popular among toddlers, and quite often used as a party starter by the hosts of toddler parties during the Christmas season. The game only needs a ball of string or yarn for each child, and gifts for each of them.

First, small prizes are tied to the end of each one of the balls of string and the host then hides the prize somewhere. The ball of yarn attached to the gift then unwinds completely around the room while passing it under table legs, behind furniture, and around banisters.

The end of the string is then tied to a pencil. The host must repeat the same process for each of the prizes while crossing the strings amongst one another. A pencil is handed to each of the children upon arriving while letting them know that there is a prize at the other end of the string.

The children now need to get their gifts by winding the string around their pencil until it leads them to the gift. This game surely deserves its place among the top 10 best Christmas games for everyone.


4. Stocking Guess



This game is widely played at parties throughout the planet during the Christmas season. The ingredients are few as it needs an assortment of stocking stuffers and other accessories such as ornaments, chocolate bars, stapler, and pens.

The host first fills a stocking with an assortment of stocking stuffers and other accessories and seals the stocking by folding it over or stapling it. The host then allows the participants to feel what is inside of it while passing the sealed stocking among players.

Each participant should write down what they think is inside of the stocking without discussing it with anyone. Then the host opens the stocking and pulls out each item after everyone is done writing down their answers.

The participant with the most correct guesses wins the stocking filled with presents. This game now holds fourth place in our list of the top 10 best Christmas games for everyone.


3. Who am I?



It is quite a popular pastime game among school students and teenagers. It is a type of guessing game that has become well known these days due to its fun gameplay style and involvement of all the participants.

The ingredients are very basic as it needs a piece of paper and pen, and a few tapes or pins to start the game. First, holiday characters such as Rudolph, Santa, Mrs. Claus, and Elf are written on pieces of paper.

The host pins or tapes the piece of paper to each of the participants’ back without letting them know what is written on it. The participants need to solve the character name stuck to their back only by asking simple yes or no questions.

The participants who guess the character in fewer questions win the game. This game surely deserves its mention among the top 10 best Christmas games for everyone.


2. Dress the snowman



The game may sound similar to the Build a Snowman contest, but in reality, this game revolves around a human snowman. The ingredients are simple as it only needs a roll of toilet paper for each team, accessories such as Hats, Scarves, and Mittens, and a carrot for each team.

The teams are first divided into groups of three. And, they must decorate one of their team members like a snowman.

First, the participants roll the “snowman” in toilet paper and decorate him/her with hats, mittens, and scarves. They then finish the look off with a carrot in the mouth. The first team to finish their snowman wins the game, so time is a factor here.

Awards are also given in this game for the best and worst snowmen. This game now holds second place among the top 10 best Christmas games for everyone.


1. Build a Snowman contest



It’s a game that is played all over the icy regions of the world such as in Canada and Norway. It is played across the places where it is possible to play the game in freshly fallen snow.

The ingredients of the game are simple as it only needs a large yard with freshly fallen snow, some dress and accessories such as hats, mittens, and scarves, some twigs, and most importantly a carrot. This game now holds the top place among the top 10 best Christmas games for everyone.

First, players are divided into groups of three while giving them fifteen minutes to build a snowman. The teams must build the snowman fast enough to get the best mittens and hats. Moreover, the best sticks for hands.

Gradually the host allows teams to start sabotaging each other’s snowmen. This fun part comes with awards such as “Fattest Snowmen” and “Best Dressed Snowman”.


Final Words

Thus, fun games as those mentioned above are invented for the sake of Christmas parties. It is definite that the games have definitely improved by many degrees. This is because there was one point in time when it was considered a fun party game to make two participants sit face to face and blow a small ball of cotton or wool until one of them blew hard enough to push the ball off the table and win the game.


Best Christmas Games | 2021 Infographics


Many amateur games have turned into serious competitions. Maybe someday, some of these Christmas games, too, will have the same fate. And even if they don’t, they will still remain a lot of fun. And now, we hope that you liked our list of the top 10 best Christmas games for everyone.

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