10 Best Baseball Players In MLB 2021

October 18, 2021 By Sourav

10 Best Baseball Players In MLB 2021

Baseball is much more than just a bat and ball game. It contains emotions like love, passion, anger, regret and so much more. A sport is as soulful as this one can’t just be missed. Baseball players nowadays are much more advanced in their techniques and skills. With advancements in their games, their salaries have significantly increased. All of these players are definitely making their people proud. Here are the Best Baseball Players in MLB 2021. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Best Baseball Players in MLB 2021

While people are getting engrossed in virtual games nowadays, there are many popular sports in the world that has a huge fan following. One such sport is baseball and these players who are listed in the following article refuse to accept it and choose to change it. Let’s see how well they are with their games.


10. Kyle Lewis (Seattle Mariners)


At number 10 in this list of 10 best baseball players in MLB 2021, we have Kyle Lewis. The Mariners were utterly thrilled when Lewis, who many assumed might be a top-five pick, got to them at No. 11 in last June's Draft.

The skilled college outfielder barely got his pro career going before unfortunately tearing up his knee. Lewis has been working hard this offseason and should get to start showing off his stunning multiple tools this season.


9. Clint Frazier (New York Yankees)



At number 9 in this list of 10 best baseball players in MLB 2021, we have  Clint Frazier. Frazier is the very first to admit he tried to do too much after getting transferred to the Yankees in the Andrew Miller deal. Although he did settle down some to show what he could pull off before getting dinged up.

Yanks fans will be able to see the real Frazier in 2021, the one with sufficient bat speed as any prospect in the game. If he rediscovers his way of approach, he'll hit the Bronx this season.


8. Manuel Margot (San Diego Padres )



At number 8 in this list of the 10 best baseball players in MLB 2021, we have Manuel Margot. Anyone who watched the Futures Game witnessed what Margot can do defensively in center field, and he was rated as one of the best defensive prospects in the game in a last year's poll conducted by the website of MLBPipeline.

His formidable speed can work on the basepaths as well, and he's no slouch at all, ready to impact the Padres' lineup with a shining future as a dynamic top-of-the-order presence.


7. Bradley Zimmer (Cleveland Indians)


At number 7 in this list of 10 best baseball players in MLB 2021, we have Bradley Zimmer. Zimmer has 20-20 potential, and he made it to Triple-A in 2017. His strong showing in the Arizona Fall League helped him springboard to Cleveland at some point in 2021.

There are some swing-and-miss to Zimmer's game, but he really makes up for it with walks, maximizes his solid speed with plus instincts, and he has proven many people extremely wrong by showing he can stick in center field.


6. Mickey Moniak (Philadelphia Phillies)



At number 6 in this list of 10 best baseball players in MLB 2021, we have Mickey Moniak. The No. 1 overall pick in the 2016 Draft had actually one of the best pure bats in his class and he flaunted his advanced approach during his pro debut.

Add in his instinctive developing power, his excellent speed and defense, all collaborated with his plus-plus makeup, and it's rather easy to see why the Phillies took Moniak with their top pick.


5. Lewis Brinson (Miami Marlins)



At number 5 in this list of 10 best baseball players in MLB 2021, we have Lewis Brinson. Brinson made enormous strides with his approach with the Rangers, especially in the year 2015, then struggled while dealing with an unfortunate shoulder injury in 2017  before being dealt with the Brewers in the newsworthy Jonathan Lucroy deal.

That year, he finished strong post-trade with a significant push to Triple-A, and now his 30-30 potential is almost ready to hit the big leagues. But, he gave his best performance since his transfer to Miami Marlins.


4. Eloy Jimenez (Chicago White Sox)


At number 4 in this list of 10 best baseball players in MLB 2021, we have Eloy Jimenez. Playing all of 2018 at age 22, Jimenez played extremely well since 2017, leading the Midwest League in OPS (among other categories) and taking home the league's MVP honors. He now performs pretty well for the Sox.

His raw power stood out brilliantly as one of the youngest to play in the Arizona Fall League as well. After beginning his career slowly, Jimenez could really start taking off.


3. Austin Meadows (Tampa Bay Rays)



At number 3 in this list of 10 best baseball players in MLB 2021, we have Austin Meadows. Meadows has had trouble staying healthy, yet he smoothly managed to reach Triple-A at age 21. That's due to his advanced approach at the plate, one that has permitted him to hit .300 with a .368 on-base percentage throughout his Minor League career.

The sheer power is starting to come and Meadows provides splendid defense in center. Besides, he recently also achieved the National League Rookie of the Month award for May 2018.


2. Victor Robles (Washington Nationals)



At number 2 in this list of 10 best baseball players in MLB 2021, we have Victor Robles. If you were to create a shortlist of prospects you should presume would be the No. 1 prospect in baseball this year, Robles would most likely top it.

He is the prototypical five-tool player who will start playing up the middle, with double-plus speed and stunning defense, for a very long time to come.


1. Andrew Benintendi (Boston Red Sox)


At number 1 in this list of 10 best baseball players in MLB 2021, we have Andrew Benintendi. The No. 7 overall pick in the 2015 Draft not only sped through the Minors, but Benintendi also proved he's ready to be productive in the big leagues. Only an unfortunate injury cut down his time in Boston, and thus enabled him on this list.

Benintendi might be the purest hitter among all prospects, with power, speed, and brilliant instincts to make all of his tools play up. He could play a rather fine center field, but he will man left for the Red Sox.


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This list was based on brief research and readings. If you disagree with the best baseball players in MLB 2021, please let us know in the comments below. If you would like to add any new information, please leave them down in the comments below as well.

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