Ashes Series Records: Batting, Bowling, Fielding, Wicket-keeping

July 11, 2020 By Sourav

Ashes Series Records: Batting, Bowling, Fielding, Wicket-keeping

We know that England and Australia are the two teams involved with this glorious Test Cricket Series. Ashes Tournament is regarded as being held by the team that most recently won the Test series. It is one of international cricket's most celebrated rivalries and dates back to 1882. A team must win a series to gain the right to hold the Ashes Trophy. A drawn series results in the previous holders retaining the Trophy. This article contains The Top 5 Ashes Series Records to date and we have tried to cover almost every category. Thus enjoy your reading and increment your cricketing knowledge.

Ashes Series Records
Best Records in Ashes Series

The Top 5 Ashes Series Records

Team Records

Both England and Australian National Teams were equally successful to date, as they each played a total of 69 series, winning-32, losing-32, and Draw-5. The current holders of this trophy are England. And as we all know, it is one of the most popular cricket tournaments in the world. In this, the categories for the Top 5 Ashes Series Records according to teams are as follows:

Highest Totals

TeamScoreMatch Date

Lowest Totals

TeamScoreMatch Date

Batting Records

They both have legendary top-order batsmen and this part of the Top 5 Ashes Series Records is all about the different batsmen and their records.

Most Runs

DG Bradman(Aus)50281928-194889.78
JB Hobbs(Eng)36361908-193054.26
AR Border(Aus)32221978-199355.55
SR Waugh(Aus)31731986-200358.75
DI Gower(Eng)30371978-199146.01

Highest Scores

PlayerRunsBallsMatch Date
L Hutton(Eng)36483720/8/1938
DG Bradman(Aus)33444811/7/1930
RB Simpson(Aus)31174323/7/1964
RM Cowper(Aus)30758911/2/1966
DG Bradman(Aus)30443020/7/1934

Most Hundreds, Fifties, and Over

PlayerHundredsFiftiesFifty (+)Span
DG Bradman(A)1912311928-1948
JB Hobbs(E)1215271908-1930
AR Border(A)719261978-1993
H Sutcliffe(E)816241924-1934
SR Waugh(A)1014241986-2003

Bowling Records

England, as well as Australia both, have bowlers with great capabilities and finesse. The Top 5 Ashes Series Records in this category are discussed below.

Most Wickets

S Warne(AUS)361951993-2007
G McGrath(AUS)301571994-2007
H Trumble(AUS)311411890-1904
D Lillie(AUS)241281971-1982
I Botham(ENG)321281977-1989

Best Bowling figures in a Match

PlayerOversWicketsMatch Date
J Laker(ENG)681926/7/1956
R Massie(AUS)60.11622/6/1972
H Verity(ENG)58.31522/6/1934
W Rhodes(ENG)30.2151/1/1904
A Bedser(ENG)55.51411/6/1953

Most Ten-wickets in a Match

T Richardson(ENG)1141893-1898
S Warne(AUS)1141993-2007
G Lohmann(ENG)531886-1896
J Briggs(ENG)731884-1899
WJ O’Reilly(AUS)831932-1938

Wicket-keeping Records

Both the teams have class Wicket-keepers for a long time. The Top 5 Ashes Series Records in this category are given in the tables below.

Most Dismissals

I Healy(AUS)331351989-1999
R Marsh(AUS)371311970-1983
AP Knott(ENG)331011968-1981
A Gilchrist(AUS)20962001-2007
W Oldfield(AUS)38901920-1937

Most Dismissals in a Match

PlayerDismissalsMatch Date
G Langley(AUS)921/6/1956
R Marsh(AUS)926/11/1982
I Healy(AUS)925/11/1994
A Gilchrist(AUS)92/1/2007
J Kelly(AUS)814/2/1902

Fielding Records

These two teams have brilliant fielders on their side and there is no doubt in that. The Top 5 Ashes Series Records in this category are:

Most Catches

I Botham(ENG)32541977-1989
A Border(AUS)42511978-1993
G Chappell(AUS)30481970-1983
M Taylor(AUS)33461989-1999
H Trumble(AUS)31451890-1904

Most Catches in a Match

PlayerCatchesMatch Date
G Chappell(AUS)713/12/1974
A Shrewsbury(ENG)610/2/1888
F Woolley(ENG)623/2/1912
J Gregory(AUS)625/2/1921
R Harvey(AUS)615/2/1963

Partnership Records

Batting in partnership is an important skill and partnerships in the Ashes Series are a key to score big targets and even winning. The Top 5 Ashes Series Records for best partnerships by wickets and by runs are as follows.

Highest Partnership by Wickets

WicketPartnersRunsMatch Date
1stG Marsh and M Taylor(AUS)32910/8/1989
2ndW Ponsford and D Bradman(AUS)45118/8/1934
3rdD Bradman and A Hassett(AUS)27629/11/1946
4thW Ponsford and D Bradman(AUS)38820/7/1934
5thS Barnes and D Bradman(AUS)40513/12/1946

Highest Partnership by Runs

WicketPartnersRunsMatch Date
2ndW Ponsford and D Bradman(AUS)45118/8/1934
5thS Barnes and D Bradman(AUS)40513/12/1946
4thW Ponsford and D Bradman(AUS)38820/7/1934
2ndL Hutton and M Leyland(ENG)38220/8/1938
2ndG Gooch and D Gower(ENG)35129/8/1985

Most Matches Played

S Gregory5221931890/1912
S Waugh4531731970-1983
M Cowdrey4324331954-1975
W Armstrong4221721902-1921
A Border4232221978-1993

Thus, reading this article on the Top 5 Ashes Series Records in the field of batting, bowling, fielding, and wicket-keeping, we get a comprehensive idea of the various records set in this tournament. Ashes is a very popular cricket test series and is followed by millions of cricket fans all over the world. You guys can comment below if you want us to give some valuable suggestions.

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