Top 10 Best Football Leagues In The World Right Now

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Top 10 Best Football Leagues In The World Right Now

The best Football Leagues Can Be Ranked upon these factors "Most Watched Football Leagues" Most Popular Football Leagues" "Most Entertaining Football Leagues" in the world.


Best Soccer leagues in the world | 2021 Power Ranking

Football is not just a sport to the world, for some, it’s a passion to some it’s a game of fun but for some, it’s their question of life or death. When the question is raised in the circle of football’s fans it raged a discussion ending to a war of words.

This question is debatable as well as google for many times. For the ranking UEFA Coefficient, Elo-styled rankings and M.F Coefficient are the basis. The information for the rankings extracted from and have indulged in one.

Most data is based upon UEFA Coefficient and they have some points on which they rank any leagues or clubs. Other rankings also prefer some standards to rank the football clubs, teams, and players. Those standards for ranking are

With all the research and keeping the standards in mind some of the top 10 Best football leagues are below with some statistics.


Best football leagues in the world | 2021 Updated Table

1.     Spanish La Liga  48 1662.30
2.     English Premier League  47 1660.43
3.     German Bundesliga  42 1654.98
4.     Italian Serie A  37 1634.14
5.     French Ligue 1  35 1584.40
6.     Brazilian Serie A 31 1584.32
7.     Argentine League 21 1567.71
8.     Dutch Eredivisie 27 1517.45
9.     Portugal's Liga ZON Sagres 20 1498.42
10.  Major League Soccer 20 1487.79


1. Spanish La Liga

Till now it is still debatable for the fans around the world that which is the best football league in the world. The top three positions to every single person are different but the statistics of UEFA say it’s on top with 48 points and most-watched league during the season.

That score covers the best clubs in the world Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. For the past 10 years, it was between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Rolando with full rage and roaring the ground with goals. Scoring the goals have not been an issue for the top three clubs in this league.

The issue with this league is now CR7 has been moved to Juventus and the ultimate race between the two legends has come to end in this league so what will be their next step to maintain the fame of the game.


2. English Premier League

Next in our list of Best football leagues is the English Premier League. The debate can last for hours that which are the top 101 leagues of the football arena but without a doubt, it’s been clarified that the top two will always from Spanish’s La Liga and English Premier League.

Fans will be arguing with facts and figures and the result will always be different from each other. English Premier League will be an all-time favorite with its 20 clubs topping the graph Manchester United, Manchester City, and Arsenal to less extent.

With the effort and struggling at the continentally level, they have six clubs crashing the tables at the qualifying stage in Europa League and Champions League.


3. German Bundesliga

German Bundesliga
german bundesliga

The difference in the standings of leagues is just with minute figures. German Bundesliga has strong points on goals per game, competitive games, and average attendance. Most of the clubs have scored more than 20 goals in the season except three.

With the comparison to the English Premier League, a huge difference is on the winning rate at the continental level because they are less with one team than them.

The top club of their league is Bayern Munich with some good points on the ranking table of clubs and alongside Borussia Dortmund is leveling up the game to come close to the good rankings and considered with elite status. Bundesliga has also sold extensive television rights deals worldwide giving more exposure to German clubs around the world.


4. Italian Serie A

Best Football Leagues
Best football leagues

Fame is as difficult as to achieve and as easy to lose. This league has been in the same category of gaining fame before a decade and now struggling with its clubs to achieve respect as well as the rank at the top.

This league has been grabbed into fixing scandal in 2006. But after the disgrace they are recovering since then with much of attendance, bringing talented players and overall excitement in the league.

In 2015 Juventus had tried level best and made to the finals. In 2015-2016 Napoli tried it's level hard and brought Juventus to the finals of few games.

This was not an easy pill to engulf and raising competition from Inter Millan and Roma league has been making their progress to achieve the respect and ranks again. AC and Juventus trying to garner this league with their performance.


5. French Ligue 1

Best Football Leagues 1
Best football leagues 1

French Ligue 1 has been the most unpredictable to the nation from 1990 to 2000 and had some consecutive 7 wins in nine years. But the fame had to dilute when Olympic Lyon was winning 7 titles from 2002 to 2008. The winning strike was not stopped there yet when they got 4 different championships in 4 years.

This just led down the streams for the French Ligue 1 and has to lose the talented players since then came the oil-rich Paris Saint-Germain who has been absolutely dominating the French league having won 4 back to back titles and that has kind of lead the overall appeal to the league suffered.


6. Brazilian Serie A

Brazilian Serie A
Brazilian Serie A

The Brazilian Serie A is one of the strongest leagues in the world, it contains the most club world champions titles, with 10 championships won among six clubs, and the second-most Copa Libertadores titles, with 17 titles won among 10 clubs.

Brazilian league has the flair, the samba touch, and some very exciting games but the quality of football is way below the standard of European top leagues.

The Brazilian league brims with quality from top to bottom as Corinthians proved in their 1-0 win over Chelsea in the FIFA Club World Cup. Numbers are a bit misleading in this case and perhaps next month's assessment will launch this league into the top five.


7. Argentine League

Argentine League
Argentine League

Some of the fans will quarrel upon the fact that Brazilian leagues are much better and entertaining one but the question is answered when they say that the Argentine league has consistency.

Probably the best league in South America at the moment both in terms of quality and star players. Argentina clubs have won the last two Copa Libertadores (River Plate 2015, San Lorenzo, 2014).

The league has its own 20 clubs with which they headed towards the win. The rank to achieve in the top 5 is a harder task but they try their best till last breath. Boca Juniors and River Plate are Argentina's two most famous clubs, these days Velez Sarsfield and Lanus are more likely to win the league title.


8. Dutch Eredivisie

Dutch Eredivisie
Dutch Eredivisie

At the European domestic level, this league has prepared its two roaring lions to keep the mouth shut of the opponents. Ajax and PSV are two powerhouses who most often than not compete for the title. The league is not only famous for winning 4 titles in 5 years but its most red cards in the game are also in their fame.

This league has been the provider of the best young players in European football. So many great players learned their trade here you talk about Ronaldo (Brazilian), Ruud Van Nistelrooy, Bergkamp, Van Persie, Huntelaar, Luis Suarez, and Arjan Robben to name just a few.

They were to be picked clean in the era of Cruyff, Gullit, and Van Basten. They lack does comes when they have no hold on to their talented players due to financial assistance.


9. Portuguese Liga ZON Sagres

Portugals Liga ZON Sagres
Portugals Liga ZON sagres

FC Porto and Benfica are the two remarkable and consistent gems of this league and have been accomplishing the distinction around the globe.

The game and the quality of playing football are much in the resemblance of Dutch league but still dealing with the same dilemma of no control on affording their talented players.

The league is compared to La Liga and Portuguese leagues with respect to the goals, players, attendance, and overall excitement in the league but the grief is that rather than FC Porto and Benfica there is no other team since 2002 which has won any of the titles.


10. Major League Soccer

Major League Soccer
major league soccer

This league is to be ranked 10 as the enthusiasm and love for the football the United Nation has progressed themselves to engage in this sport. Since 2013 MLS has tried to give their best shots and strides forward with their players.

It was established in 1994 and has improved itself from day one. The parity in the league was at an all-time high with close to 14 teams in the hunt for the 10 MLS Cup Playoffs spots in the final weeks.

Some success was not grabbing their hands and they had to be at the bottom as they had no wins in continental with their five different teams in CONCACAF Champions League. Although one downer is the fact that top players from Europe use MLS as their last destination to end their careers.


Final Words

All the League requires much of players, team, and Squad strength and stamina with much wealth spend by the officials that are how they become the Best Football Leagues.

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