Top 10 Greatest Formula 1 Drivers Of All Time

June 29, 2021 By Sourav

Top 10 Greatest Formula 1 Drivers Of All Time

For those who are in love with tremendously high speed, and the adrenaline rush that can be received from it, racing is always the most favorite of all sporting events. Car races are also the ultimate hub of the top cars with the best designs and technologies and the greatest speeds. That is why car lovers who are also adrenaline junkies are in love with F1 Car race tournaments. And, here goes the Top 10 Greatest Formula 1 Drivers Of All Time.


Greatest Formula 1 Drivers Of All Time


10. Fernando Alonso (Spain)
9. Sebastian Vettel (Germany)
8. Mika Häkkinen (Finland)
7. Alain Prost (France)
6. Stirling Moss (England)
5. Jackie Stewart (Britain)
4. Juan Manuel Fangio (Argentina)
3. Lewis Hamilton (England)
2. Michael Schumacher (Germany)
1. Ayrton Senna (Brazil)

Honorable Mention

11. Jenson Button (United Kingdom)

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The blood rush that fans get from watching drivers swish through the track as they compete with each other. Racing drivers have nerves of steel, as they risk their lives and let the world around them turn into a blur while racing to the finishing line, or as they smash their cars into the walls or each other. It is this fearlessness that attracts so many people to them. So let us look a look at the Top 10 Best Formula One Drivers Of All Time.


10. Fernando Alonso



Formula One Championship Wins: 2
Total Career Wins: 32
Overall Podium Finish: 97
Total Career Points: 1899

Spanish Formula One racing driver Fernando Alonso won three consecutive karting championships in Spain from 1994 to 1997. Alonso is known as the third-youngest driver ever to debut in the international event in F1 history.

In the 2001 Australian Grand Prix, he drove for the first time. In his first year with Renault, he won the 2003 Hungarian Grand Prix. He also won 2 consecutive seasons of 2005 and 2006 Formula One World Drivers' Championship. Alonso also won the Spanish Grand Prix in 2013.

In the same year’s F1 World Drivers' Championship, he finished 2nd with a total of 242 points. Alonso participated in his last racing championship in the 2014 Belgian Grand Prix where he finished as 4th.

According to the new rule of F1 GP for the 2014 session, Alonso picked No.14, considering it to be lucky for him. He is currently in association with the Ferrari F1 team. Alonso now holds the tenth place in the list of the top 10 greatest formula 1 drivers of all time.


9. Sebastian Vettel



Formula One Championship Wins: 4
Total Career Wins: 53
Overall Podium Finish: 120
Total Career Points: 2985

German Formula One racing driver Sebastian Vettel is currently driving for the Red Bull Racing team of Austria. He is also this year’s Formula One World Champion. Vettel debuted in the 2007 United States Grand Prix and achieved 7th position.

He was voted the Rookie of the year in 2008, at the annual AutosportAwards.In the 14th race of the 2008 Formula One season, Sebastian won his first GP title. In the 2009 Formula One season, he raced for Red Bull for the first time and finished as the youngest-ever World Drivers' Championship runner-up.

Later, he also won Formula One World Drivers' Championship in four consecutive times from 2010 to 2013. Till now, he has achieved 39 wins in GP, 45 pole positions, and 1549 career points in total.

Red Bull has extended its contract with Sebastian till the end of the 2015 season. Vettel now holds his place among the top 10 greatest formula 1 drivers of all time. Besides, he now also holds his place among the best race car drivers right now.


8. Mika Häkkinen



Formula One Championship Wins: 2
Total Career Wins: 20
Overall Podium Finish: 51
Total Career Points: 420

Former Finnish racing driver Mika Pauli Häkkinen drove in the DTM series after his retirement. He participated in 165 races with Lotus and McLaren. He debuted in the 1991 United States Grand Prix and finished in 13th place.

After a life-threatening injury in 1995, Häkkinen made a remarkable comeback of his career. In the 1997 European Grand Prix, he achieved his first international victory. Häkkinen won the world championship titles for 2 consecutive years in 1998 and 1999.

He got the fame of one of the greatest drivers ever with 20 wins, 51 podiums, 26 pole points, and 420 career points. He won his last title in the 2001 United States Grand Prix.

Häkkinen also featured on Top Gear by BBC Two while teaching presenter James May the basics of rally driving. Mika now holds the eighth place in the list of the top 10 greatest formula 1 drivers of all time.


7. Alain Prost



Formula One Championship Wins: 4
Total Career Wins: 51
Overall Podium Finish: 106
Total Career Points: 768.5

French racing driver Alain Marie Pascal Prost held the record for most Grand Prix victories from 1987 until 2001. Teamed with McLaren, Ferrari, and Renault, he participated in 202 races in his career. He started his legacy in the 1980 Argentine Grand Prix. In his 2nd race in the 1981 French Grand Prix, he won his first Grand Prix title.

In the 1982 Brazilian Grand Prix, he finished 3rd but surprisingly got the GP award because 1st & 2nd finishers were disqualified. Prost also holds the seventh place in the list of the top 10 greatest formula 1 drivers of all time.

Prost won the Formula One Drivers' Championship four times in 1985, 1986, 1989, and 1993. The 1993 German Grand Prix was the last title he won. In the same year, he declared his retirement after he finished in 2nd place in Australian GP.

He achieved 768.5 career points, 4 world championship trophies, 106 podiums, and 33 pole positions during his glorious career from 1980 to 1993.


6. Stirling Moss


Formula One Championship Wins: 0
Total Career Wins: 16
Overall Podium Finish: 24
Total Career Points: 185 9/14


Former English F1 racing car driver, Stirling Moss, is often considered "the greatest driver never to win the World Championship." During his career from 1951 to 1961, he teamed with Mercedes-Benz, Vanwall, and Maserati and also participated in 67 international races.

He debuted in the 1951 Swiss Grand Prix and achieved 14th position overall. In the 1955 British Grand Prix, he won his first international title. He was the first British driver to win an F1 British Grand Prix while riding a British made car.

He made his career quite successful with a total of 16 Grand Prix wins, 16 pole points, 24 podiums, and 186 career points. Unfortunately, this great racer had no world championship record.

His career was stopped due to a horrific accident at Glover Trophy in 1962, which caused the left side of his body to get partially paralyzed for six months and put him in a coma for almost 30 days. Moss holds the sixth place in the top 10 greatest formula 1 drivers of all time.


5. Jackie Stewart



Formula One Championship Wins: 3
Total Career Wins: 27
Overall Podium Finish: 43
Total Career Points: 359

Former British Formula One racing driver Jackie Stewart is one of the best F1 drivers from Scotland. In 1965, he participated in the South African Grand Prix for the first time and achieved the 6th position.

In the same year, he won his first World Drivers' Championships in the Italian Grand Prix. Later, he won three more Grand Prix Championships during his career. In 1973, he won his last international title in German Grand Prix.

But, unfortunately, in his precipitated last match in 1973, United States Grand Prix, he could not start the game due to a fatal crash of his teammate. Stewart held the record for most wins by a British F1 driver for 19 long years.

His awesome career consists of 27 wins in 100 participations, 17 pole points, and 360 career points. He was ranked fifth in the list of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time in 2009.


4. Juan Manuel Fangio



Formula One Championship Wins: 5
Total Career Wins: 24
Overall Podium Finish: 35
Total Career Points: 277 9/14

Truly the 1st greatest and most honorable champion of the world, Juan Manuel Fangio, famously known as El Chueca, was an Argentinian F1 racing car driver. In his debut match in 1938, he won the Grand Prix International Championship.

He made a 46 years unbeaten record by winning the most World Championship of Drivers starting from 1951 and then 4 consecutive times from 1954 to 1957. With 24 wins, 29 highest pole positions, 35 podiums, 245 career points, and 23 fastest laps, he decorated his career with the greatest possible success.

Fangio is the only Argentine driver to win the Argentine Grand Prix four times, which was also the most by any driver. He also holds the highest winning percentage in Formula One history.

After his retirement from racing, Fangio presided as the honorary president of Mercedes-Benz. In 1995, this legendary F1 champion died at the age of 84. He now holds the fourth place in the list of the top 10 greatest formula 1 drivers of all time.


3. Lewis Hamilton


Formula One Championship Wins: 6
Total Career Wins: 84
Overall Podium Finish: 151
Total Career Points: 3431

Without any doubt, Lewis Hamilton deserves the third place in our list of the greatest F1 drivers of all time. This British driver currently races for the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport at Formula One.

He now has 98 race victories along with 171 podium finishes under his name. Besides the Mercedes team, he also previously raced for Manor Motorsport, ASM Formule 3, and ART Grand Prix.

He helped the Mercedes team to win the Formula One World Constructors' Championship seven times consecutively since 2014. Besides, he achieved the Formula One World Drivers' Championship seven times as of 2021.

He also bagged the DHL Fastest Lap Award five times till now. Hamilton received both the Autosport International Racing Driver Award and the Autosport British Competition Driver of the Year award seven times each.


2. Michael Schumacher



Formula One Championship Wins: 7
Total Career Wins: 91
Overall Podium Finish: 155
Total Career Points: 1566

World’s first billionaire athlete Michael Schumacher is a retired German F1 racing driver. In his debut race, the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix, he finished 7th. In the 1992 Belgian Grand Prix, he got his first Drivers' Championship title.

He is the only driver in F1 history who finished in 1st position in 5 consecutive seasons from 2000 to 2004 Grand Prix. He won his last race in the 2006 Chinese Grand Prix. During 2007 & 2008, he worked as the brand ambassador and car developer of Ferrari.

He attended the last race of his career in the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix and finished in 14th place. He won 91 races in total in his successful career which includes most of the major championships with the fastest laps and highest pole positions along with 72 Grand Prix victories.

Undoubtedly, he is one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time. Schumacher suffered a serious cerebral injury in 2013 while skiing and was in a coma from December 2013 until June 2014.


1. Ayrton Senna



Formula One Championship Wins: 3
Total Career Wins: 41
Overall Podium Finish: 80
Total Career Points: 620

Faster than any other driver of the ’90s, Ayrton Senna da Silva was a former Brazilian formula one racing champion. Senna made his professional debut in 1984 at the Brazilian Grand Prix, where he qualified as the 17th. In 1985, he participated in his 2nd race in the Portuguese Grand Prix where he achieved his first World Championship point.

He first won the title of Formula One World Championship for Drivers in the 39th season of FIA F1 motor racing in 1988. After that, in the 41st season of FIA F1 motor racing in 1990, he won the same for the second time.

Senna won the World Championship for the 3rd time in FIA F1 racing and became the youngest three-time world champion in 1991. Senna won the last race of his racing career in the 1993 Australian Grand Prix.

He died due to significant blood loss after a tragic accident on the track next year in San Marino Grand Prix. Overall in his glorious career, he won a total of 41 Grand Prix and three world titles.


Honorable Mention:

11. Jenson Button



Formula One Championship Wins: 1
Total Career Wins: 15
Overall Podium Finish: 50
Total Career Points: 1235

British Formula One driver Jenson Alexander Lyons Button is currently associated with McLaren and was the 2009 Formula One World Champion for the Brawn GP F1 team. He transferred to McLaren in the 2010 season as a racing partner of former World Champion Lewis Hamilton.

He is spending his 5th season with the McLaren team this year. Jenson was enlisted in "Men of the Year" by Top Gear in 2009 and 2011. He first drove in the 2000 Australian Grand Prix and won his first title in the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix.

In his career with McLaren, BAR, Honda, and Mercedes till now, he has won 15 Grand Prix, along with 1140 career points and 8 pole positions.

In the 2013 F1 World Drivers' Championship, he finished in the 9th place. Alexander is also known for his very smooth driving style and exceptional pressure handling ability.


Final Words

The drivers of F1 are always at the risk of meeting sudden deaths, or horrible accidents that can leave them crippled. Many of the best racers in the world have actually met such a fate. Yet, these greatest Formula 1 drivers are unstoppable, and, when they emerge victoriously, they get their much-deserved love and fame.


Greatest F1 Drivers - All-Time Infographics

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    1. Sourav Das
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      Not at all, mate. Racism has no place in the world of sports.
      We took the account of overall achievements and stats to make this list.
      But surely, Hamilton deserves a mention in this list. We will soon incorporate him.

    2. MA
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      100% agree with Johnny Bad. LH now has 6 Championships Only another 12 months till he equals MS’s record then hopefully surpasses it. This is what people of colour have to do to be respected in an elitist sport.

      I mean for goodness sake, to add JB who was always consummately outclassed and outscored by LH at Maclaren. (JB who only won one championship thanks to a controversial double decker diffuser)

      The author of this article obviously has an issue with people of colour. How embarrassing for them.

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    1. Sourav Das
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      I agree with you Mike. But, I made this list while calculating the overall stats of these drivers, not just the wins. But sure, he at least deserves a special mention in this list. I'll surely include him shortly.

  25. Denis Lazinica
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    Yes, I agree with all of you. It should be another way around, for a last two decade's sorted. But in this case it is sorted by best f1 driver's ever, not only last two decade's, but from ever started f1 sport. I also agree, that Senna is the best driver ever, remember Monaco hehe, no one can drive that crazy and precisely fast. And that picture is Senna, when he has had his carrier started. He was very Jung when has had started, and also too Jung ended his carrier. Senna number 1 forever. King of F1

  26. Masompe
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    Really ? No Lewis Hamilton and you have the likes of Button, Alonso and Vettel ? When Lewis is Six Times World Champion - Honestly no respect for F1. Get Over It - Lewis is at the top

    1. Sourav Das
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      We have already clarified earlier. Lewis surely deserves his mention in this list.
      And, we will surely include him in our updated list of 2020.

  27. Steve
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    You simply cannot discuss F1 and not mention Hamilton.

    1. Sourav Das
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      First of all, 'race' is not a factor in sports. And secondly, if you follow the homepage of our blog or even the recently published articles, then you can see that we are revamping and updating our lists according to the raking of 2020. But, we can't update all the articles in a single day. And, that's why it is taking time to update it.
      But sure enough, we will soon include Hamilton on this list.

  28. Prakhar
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    Why is button in this list, he didn't beat anyone other than Barrichello in 2009. He's had his one off glory days but was never are consistent winner against a teammate or even a challenger if we talk about his years with Lewis and Alonso

    1. Sourav Das
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      Lewis, Alonso, and Button - all three are there. :P

  29. J. Todt
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    you have no understanding of F1, drivers etc
    Mr Hamilton is amazing, I should know working with Michael

    1. Sourav Das
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      And, you didn't find Lewis in our list? :D

  30. Kabir
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    Guyz I'm Black, Lewis Hamilton made the list, he's second to MS, so what's the problem, what are you clamouring for?

    1. Sourav Das
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      Thanks for visiting us, Kabir. Keep visiting our sports blog.
      And, don't forget to check our other lists and share your suggestions.

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    I'm Brazilian ... And the last photo is of Senna. The Best, The Fast...

    1. Sourav Das
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      Olá to Brazil.
      And, keep visiting our sports blog!

  32. Clóvis de Oaula May 18, 2020 06:29

    Senna is the GREATEST of all time, indeed. But, Clark is the second best. And how could you forget Lauda and Piquet? Ridiculous!!

  33. Luis GONÇALVES May 18, 2020 12:14

    Now ... its my turn .... Does any of the above know what they talk about ? Lets stop like the drivers that commentators want u to like,ok ? And lets start to admire the real proper drivers ... Does any of you heard of,Nuvolari ? Rosemeyer ? Carraciola ? Villeneuve? Bellof ? Cevert ?

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das May 18, 2020 18:14

      We always appreciate suggestions from our readers.
      Give us your suggestion about this list and which drivers you want to include it.

  34. Alex Dunfree
    Alex Dunfree May 28, 2020 15:07

    You are missing Graham Hill, the only person to have the triple crown of motorsport. Where is Jim Clark, Niki Lauda, Michael Schumacher?

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das May 28, 2020 16:56

      You haven't found Schumacher on this list? Read carefully, mate.
      And, keep visiting our sports blog.

  35. Unhappy Snowman
    Unhappy snowman June 11, 2020 05:09

    Where is Gilles Villeneuve !?!

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das June 11, 2020 17:29

      With just 6 years in Grand Prix and 0 championship wins, you want us to include Gilles to the list of the greatest?
      He is definitely one of the visual treats to watch. But if you talk about the greatest, I doubt.

  36. Paul
    Paul July 18, 2020 06:26

    Jim Clark has to be in a list of the top 10 FFS - have you no idea about F1 or even motor racing?

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das July 18, 2020 17:17

      Yes, he is undoubtedly one of the best drivers in F1. But, we had to choose just 10 players on this list.
      And, thanks for visiting our sports blog. Keep visiting!

  37. Jeffrey Powell
    Jeffrey Powell August 1, 2020 09:59

    So if its just F1 since 1950 the outstanding and most successful drivers must be Fangio, Moss, Clark, Stewart, Prost, Senna, Schumacher Alonso and Hamilton, I know there are only nine but although Vettel ,Piquet ,Mansell etc. were tremendously successful and on their day produced incredible performances I was never convinced that one of my nine could not consistently beat them in the same car ,especialy Jim Clark .

  38. Bruno Gerogie
    Bruno gerogie December 5, 2020 09:07

    Top 10 Formula 1 drivers...... and no mention of Niki Lauda. Go back to your high school job, if you had one.

  39. Safa Cavusoglu
    Safa Cavusoglu December 5, 2020 16:20

    TOP 5
    1. Ayrton Senna
    2. Micheal Schumacher
    3. Juan Manuel Fangio
    4. Alan Prost
    5. Niki Lauda

    * I think the first two names never change.

  40. Johnathan Garith
    Johnathan Garith March 21, 2021 06:22

    You forgot about one of the greatest drivers of all time. Niki Laure!

  41. Terry J
    Terry J June 2, 2021 08:51

    I'm seriously not sure what kind of list this is tbh. Whilst I agree that Senna is No.1, how have you missed out on arguably the most natural of them all in Jim Clark!!?

  42. Alionte Cristian
    Alionte Cristian June 5, 2021 08:15

    It s called F1 that means we need to see the real top 10 lost with championships not idiots Who learned how to push schumacher and hamilton... So sad for these to legends to be somehow in the shadow of some idiots like senna or jim clark

    1. Trev Niska
      Trev Niska September 19, 2021 07:10

      My list is
      1. Senna 2. Schumacher 3. Lewis 4.Fangio 5. Clark 6.Vettel 7. Prost 8.Lauda 9. Stewart 10. Piquet

      Special mention : Alonso and Brabham

    2. Admin
      Admin September 19, 2021 12:19

      That's a great ranking, indeed! But, we have considered the overall presence and performance to make our ranking for the greatest F1 drivers.

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