Top 10 Greatest Boxers Of All Time - Updated List 2020

June 24, 2020 By Sourav

Top 10 Greatest Boxers Of All Time - Updated List 2020

Boxing is one of the most historic and famous sports of all time. And today we are going to give you a brief review of the top 10 Greatest Boxers of all time.

Boxing is a combat sport in which two people engage in a contest of strength, speed, reflexes, endurance, and will, by throwing punches with gloved hands against each other. It is one of the highest paying sports and a very difficult one indeed. Amateur boxing is both an Olympic and Commonwealth sport and is a common fixture in most of the major international games.

Greatest Boxers Of All Time

Starting from the legendary boxers of the pre-modern era to the best boxer in the world right now, we compiled a list of all the notable boxers who put their mark in the history of the sports. And here we present the whole history of boxers along with their achievements and accolades.

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1. Joe Louis

Joe Louis is often known as "The Man Who Beat the Hitler". He is referred to as the brown bomber and was considered as an American Icon. He has a record of winning 66 matches; losing 3 and 52 knock out winnings.

He was a shining star for sure with a great record. He was a national hero for the people of America and also a symbol of pride. During the world war, he was more than just a boxer and his fights had social, political and international significance.

2. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali had his boxing era from 1960 to 1981, and he was just marvelous in every aspect of boxing. He was outspoken, exciting, and an undefeated boxing champion in his time and was also the best entertainer in the boxing world. Muhammed had a record of total 56 wins out of which 37 were knock out wins. The best boxer in the world all-time had only 5 losses in his career.

He was also an activist and a philanthropist who spoke up for the rights of people. Muhammad Ali is also among the greatest Muslim athletes in the world. Ali died on June 2, 2016, with a respiratory illness.

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3. Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson
Legendary Boxer Sugar Ray Robinson

Sugar Ray Robinson had his boxing era from 1940 to 1965 and the majority of the people considered him as the best 'pound for pound' boxer in the world. Ray had a record of 173 wins out of which 109 were knockout wins, 6 were draws and 2 matches were no contest matches. He was also the best boxing talent that the world ever witnessed.

Surprisingly, many of his fans still consider that if he could practice today, he could be the best boxer in the world right now. He had an amazing power in his punch to knock the opponent out.

4. Jack Johnson

Top 10 Greatest Boxers Of All Time
Jack Johnson

Legendary boxer Jack Johnson was the first American heavyweight champion before Roy Jones and Mohammad Ali. He had a boxing era from 1897 to 1945.  Jack was unbeatable for more than 10 years and he used to humiliate the opponents by not letting them knock him out. He used to continuously beat his opponents in the ring and snatch his victory.

The presses used to abuse and discredit him but he still was unbeaten. For more than 10 years, he was the most hated and the most famous African American on the earth. He had a record of 73 wins out of which 40 were knockout wins and lost 13 matches.

5. Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey Boxer
Jack Dempsey

Boxing star Jack Dempsey is definitely amongst the most popular boxers in America. He is also famous for setting the highest purse records and attendance. Jack also had the first million fights in his career.

He was amongst the most brutal and entertaining boxers of all time. He was a wild boxer in his time with a record of 66 wins out which 51 were knock out wins and he lost 6 matches.

6. Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is probably the second most famous boxer in the world after Muhammad Ali. The boxing era of Mike Tyson is from 1985 to 2005. He has been a legendary boxer in his time and also considered one of the most controversial athletes of all-time.

In the early 90s, Tyson was considered as an unbeatable boxer who knocked out all the contenders who came in front of him.  He has a record of 50 wins out of which 44 were knock out wins and he lost 6 matches. He has been amongst the most talked about boxers of all time.

7. Julio Cesar Chavez

Julio Cesar Chavez
Julio Cesar Chavez

Former boxer Julio Cesar Chavez had a boxing era from 1980 to 2005 and has a record that speaks for itself. He has a record of 107 wins and 80 knockouts and lost 6 matches.

Julio is a Mexican legend who had a record of 10 years without even a single loss. He was considered as a tough fighter who always entertained people with his boxing. He is known to be the greatest fighter in Mexico.

8. Rocky Marciano

Rocky Marciano Boxer
Rocky Marciano

Legendary boxer Rocky Marciano is amongst the hardest punchers of all time. He had a boxing era from 1948 to 1955 and he has a claim to fame for being the heavyweight champion who is undefeated.

Rocky has a record of 49 wins out of which 43 were knock out wins and zero losses. He had been a great boxer without any doubt in his time. His ranking is low because his competitions were not as strong as boxers like Muhammad Ali and Robinson.

9. Henry Armstrong

Henry Armstrong
Henry Armstrong

He has a boxing era from 1931 to 1945 and he had 150 wins out which 100 were KO and he lost 21  matches. He was the only boxer to have the titles of 3 world championships.

His career started on the losing end but he gradually got on the winning streaks. He has also had 27 consecutive victories and all of these were in knockouts. This accolade reflects his greatness in the boxing arena.

10. Willie Pep

Willie Pep Boxer
Willie Pep

One of the Finest Boxers Willie Pep had a boxing era from 1940 to 1966 and has a record of 229 wins out of which 65 are knockout wins. He lost 11 matches in his career.

Pep was the first featherweight champion in the world and has been the finest boxer of his time. He surely deserves his place among the top 10 greatest boxers of all time.

Honorable Mention: Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather is often considered as the best boxer in the world right now. Without a doubt, the best boxer in the world in 2020 has some amazing achievements under his name. Floyd Mayweather won the world titles in five weight classes and also achieved the Lineal Championship in four classes. He currently has an unprecedented record of 50 out 50 fifty wins as of now. And 27 wins out of those came from straight knockouts.

Mayweather achieved the Best Fighter ESPY Award six times till now. He also achieved The Ring magazine's Fighter of the Year twice. ESPN named him as the greatest pound for pound boxers of the last 25 years. And without a doubt, most of the richest athletes look mere small in comparison with Mayweather's net worth.

This was our list of the top 10 Greatest Boxers of all time. Feel free to give us your opinion in the comments down below.

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  1. Jamir
    jamir May 29, 2019 08:01

    manny pacquiao has 8 world division titles right?

    1. Editorial Staff
      Editorial Staff May 29, 2019 17:56

      manny pacquiao having won 12 major world titles in 8 weight divisions..

    2. Julian
      Julian August 14, 2019 01:50

      8 Division titles in a sport that now has 17 divisions and multiple belts per division. Todayís belts mean squat. Duran is more impressive with 4 LEGIT division belts because he beat REIGNING champs...WITHOUT CATCHWEIGHTS.

  2. J. Lloyd Edquiban
    J. Lloyd Edquiban July 19, 2019 07:10

    Where's the "eight division world champion ". Manny Pacquiao

  3. John
    John July 22, 2019 00:59

    I wish one of these guys would knock Trump out of the country.

  4. Earl W.
    Earl W. July 22, 2019 08:56

    Why is not Manny Pacquiao name on the list?

  5. Earl W.
    Earl W. July 22, 2019 09:00

    Why is Manny Pacquiao name not on that list?

    1. Greg
      greg August 24, 2019 10:42

      Because he is just another Boxer, He is not a great boxer, and than the Money man Took him to School

  6. Carl Cooper
    Carl cooper July 24, 2019 21:38

    Cmon wheres the people's champ Manny Pacquiao only 8 division world champion fighter of the decade most lineal titles won oldest welterweight champion at 40 never fucks anybody

  7. Paul
    paul July 25, 2019 23:36

    Where is Pacquiao's name in the list...

  8. Jake
    Jake July 26, 2019 01:57

    Fuck,, this is for Americans only...
    Unfair for non Americans..

  9. Haimen
    Haimen July 26, 2019 07:12

    Manny pacquiao is the best boxer in the world right now .

  10. Christopher Wasay
    christopher wasay July 31, 2019 23:27

    Where is manny pacquiao best pound for pound 8 weight class

  11. Jj
    jj August 3, 2019 14:58

    joke list. Where is Manny Pacquiao the only 8 division world champion?

  12. Jay Saldivar
    Jay saldivar August 7, 2019 10:09

    Manny pacquiao is the greatest of all time

  13. Xhandee
    Xhandee August 15, 2019 05:03

    Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao, the people's champ!

  14. Rodel
    Rodel August 21, 2019 21:25

    Where is Manny Pacquiao?

  15. Saskie
    Saskie August 24, 2019 04:21

    this is a joke.. where is Manny P?

  16. Gmax Celgev
    Gmax Celgev August 26, 2019 09:52

    You left Manny Paquiao because he far surpassed the achievement of anyone in this list.I have long been thinking why was Armstrong,Robinson or anyone else did not have eight division criwns?Only one credible answer comes to mind.They were not capable of doing it.It's not easy.Julio Cesar Chavez knows that.So Chavez has Manny Paquiao as the greatest all-time.Now that opinion carries knockout credibility.

    1. Lorenz Allen Tutor
      Lorenz Allen Tutor April 7, 2020 00:20

      Yeah right! The one who rank this are americans who think they have the greatest linage and they always think they are the supreme race!! a bunch of MORONS!! their legendary boxers have been long leave behind the dust by the pacman!! 8 division World Champion! 5 lineal world champion! no one comes close!! They can't accept that their legendary american boxers has no way of accomplishing those feat!! I just laugh of when any of this website post some all time great boxers, mostly american fighters!! They are bunch of IDIOTS and losers who can accept the fact that the only one who made the impossible possible was Manny Pacquiao who literally is the greatest and accomplished the true meaning of the so called POUND for POUND boxer!!

  17. The Goat
    the goat September 4, 2019 18:13

    Manny Pacquiao is the greatest of all time.

  18. John Welsh
    John Welsh September 13, 2019 18:02

    His not on the list because his not White or Black and his not American

  19. Billy
    Billy September 18, 2019 11:46

    The 40yo Manny just beat a defending champ 10 years younger than him. He still didn't make the cut?

  20. Jay
    Jay September 26, 2019 06:15

    Joke list

    [email protected] October 1, 2019 04:11

    Don't believe this go to box rec look for active and inactive category maywether should be in the top 1 and next Manny this will not help top rank the ring and other commentary

    [email protected] October 1, 2019 04:13


  23. Vince
    Vince October 7, 2019 18:24

    Really accurate list in my opinion.

    Honorable mentions should also include Sugar Ray Leonard and Hagler.

    I read the Pacquioa comments and think heís at 28th all-time which is pretty good. This top ten list is legit because itís before all of the PEDís.

  24. Ej
    Ej October 15, 2019 02:47

    What a joke whereís manny? Donít ever trust this site its super biased.

  25. Glen
    Glen October 15, 2019 20:02

    Considering his weight, his size but reside at welterweight for so long which is not his natural fighting weight and became a champion multiple times manny pacquiao not only the GOAT but also one of the wonders of the world.

  26. Aaron Hall
    Aaron Hall May 9, 2020 05:18

    I would bet any amount of money that Mike Tyson while Cus D'Amato was still alive would knock out every single fighter you put in the top 10 inside of 3 rounds say what you want about him after Cus passed away but prior to that Mike Tyson was the best of the best hardest to hit and hardest hitting heavy weight fighter fighter so please stop talking shit about him ok he made a lot of money as a very young man once Cus D'Amato passed away Don King and Robin Givens completely ruined the greatest fighter that ever lived the problem I have is that people are so quick to point out all the mistakes that Tyson made while in his early 20s after all the shit he went through, When he lost his coach and mentor (father figure) Cus D'Amato everyone around Tyson that cared about him was systematically removed by Don King and his evil gold digging wife that need to be liked by all the new people in his life turned Mike into a Cocky and boastful fighter and Don King took full advantage of this as people started to hate him more after each win they were coming to see his fights in hopes of him loosing (Floyd Mayweather later copied this. This would made him a ton of money but for the fact that he was surrounded with a coaching staff that allowed him to go out partying rather than training then he was set up and framed for rape this made it so that no one would ever care enough to restore Mikes work ethics and put him back on top as the most dominant fighter. You watch his early fight tapes with an open mind without being judgmental and im convinced you'll come to the same conclusion as i did That nobody could ever beat that version of Mike Tyson not only was he the hardest hitting fighter his peek-a-boo style combined with his amazing speed made him the hardest to hit heavy weight making him the best defensively and offensively ever

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das May 10, 2020 01:18

      Without any doubt, Tyson is one of the greatest boxers ever to grace the ring.
      And, thanks for visiting our blog. Keep visiting!

    2. Jay
      jay August 15, 2020 18:19

      kid DYMOMITE!

  27. Patrick
    patrick May 10, 2020 20:22

    I agree "Iron " Mike Tyson was pound for pound the greatest boxer, fighter, brawler, and puncher of all time and should be number 1 on this list! it's ashamed that Mike Tyson is left off many of these list, I don't understand why.

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das May 11, 2020 01:19

      Even I do agree that he is one of the greatest. But, we can't place him on top cause we can't deny the contribution of Muhammad Ali, Louis, or Sugar in the field of Boxing.

  28. Ricky
    Ricky June 30, 2020 17:55

    Who ever made this list will be forgotten.
    There will come a time where true boxing experts and historians will acknowledge Manny Pacquaio as the best boxer of all time! surely will never be forgotten!

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das July 1, 2020 00:58

      Even we also recognize him. It is just that we need to choose just 10 boxers for this list.
      And, keep visiting our sports blog!

  29. Nilo
    Nilo July 26, 2020 00:41

    I think to put Mike Tyson being a hard hitter truly suits Him. But amongst the greatest? Tyson was still young when he was beaten twice by Holyfield. And Tyson never recovered his glory days.

    I believe you should consider asking the boxers themselves because they are the ones inside the ring and they knew what it takes to fight in different weight divisions and the class of boxers in their era. Records do not tell all.

    Pacquiao, in his old years, is still considered best against the best young fighters, and he still wins. Mayweather retired because of him, though he is offered big money. Can you belittle Mayweather?

  30. Rita Porio
    Rita Porio September 24, 2020 10:31


  31. James
    James October 9, 2020 20:22

    Pacquaio is better than Floyd we all know that!

  32. M.m
    M.m October 13, 2020 06:55

    Mohammad Ali RIP is the greatest boxer of all times in any devision as flyweight to heavyweight by far far distance from Maywether or Marciano or Joe loies , Forman , frazier , Paciao , Suger ray robinson , Mike tyson , Lennex luies , Holyfield , Shoger ray leonerd , Jack johnson , Dempsey , Duran , Holms , and all of legends and the new ones whome are joks like AJ, Fury. He changed all boxing rulls and everything, he split history of boxing too before and after Ali. Ali is the only 3 time lineal champion of heavyweight. no one even close to him. He is the GOD of boxing. Even by this fact he got the parckinson disease before thrilla in manilla and he fight those giants like Frazier3 , Norton3 and ... and therd lineal champion by a very sick body,

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