Top 10 Fastest Pit Stops In F1 History

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Top 10 Fastest Pit Stops In F1 History

Teamwork and coordination are two of the keys to maximizing the success of Formula 1 pit stops. A team of 15 to 20 mechanics changes tires and front wings and adjusts down force levels quickly. Probably the most prominent example of Formula One being a team sport is pit stops. Here we have listed the fastest pit stops in F1 of all time, which shocked the fans with tremendous teamwork.


Fastest Pit Stops In F1 | 2021 Power Ranking


10. Ayrton Senna - 4.81 seconds
9. Valterri Bottas - 2.36 seconds
8. Lewis Hamilton - 2.31 seconds
7. Kimi Raikkonen - 2.20 seconds
6. Sebastian Vettel - 1.97 seconds
5. Mark Webber - 1.923 seconds
4. Felipe Massa - 1.92 seconds
3. Pierre Gasly - 1.91 seconds
2. Max Verstappen - 1.88 seconds
1. Max Verstappen - 1.82 seconds


F1 is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports in the whole world. Besides, it is also among the richest sports right now that offer millions of dollar to its drivers. But, do you know what the fastest pit stops in F1 are? Check this out!


10. Ayrton Senna

Pit Stop Time: 4.81 seconds
Team: McLaren
Year: 1993

Ayrton Senna, the Brazilian legend, entered the track in 1993 for a tire change and exited four seconds later. Those speeds are much faster than the 8 seconds we saw one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time, Michael Schumacher, set for his pit stop, but they are still slower than the pit stops we will see shortly.

Senna and the crew tried to get the fastest pit stops in F1, but we can say that they did not accomplish the goal at that time. However, with 4.81 seconds, they still manage to get in the top 10 slots.

Back then, the fastest pit stop was performed by Benetton in 1993, lasting only 3.2 seconds. Some details of the stop were written in one of the books belonging to a Benetton crew member.


9. Valtteri Bottas

Pit Stop Time: 2.36 seconds
Team: Mercedes
Year: 2017

The Mercedes claim this incredible pit spot to be one of the fastest pit stops in F1. However, the team managed to do this in less than 3 seconds, but, indeed, their goal was less.

Bottas and the team can go faster than after successfully trying to do the best communication during the race for excellent results in benefits of both winning and setting the records. Besides that, Bottas has nine wins with 1559 career points till now.

Also, Mercedes won the Constructors' Championship for a fourth consecutive year in the US. Vettel secured his third pole of the season at the Brazilian Grand Prix and followed it up with a fourth pole position and third win at Abu Dhabi.


8. Lewis Hamilton

Pit Stop Time: 2.31 seconds
Team: Mercedes
Year: 2012

A notable pit stop by one of the highest paid athletes right now, Lewis Hamilton, occurred after his Mercedes car accidentally went into the McLaren pits after only leaving the team two races before. But he still managed to get one of the fastest pit stops of all time with 2.31 seconds.

Lewis's incredible team played a massive role in the success of his career. They always try to achieve the best results with their teamwork and coordination at the race. And on the other hand, one of the most important athletes right now, Hamilton, showed his talent on track.

Besides that, Lewis's overall career performances made him one of the most respected sportsmen in F1 racing. With 3879 career points, Lewis has won 98 wins till now in his career.


7. Kimi Raikkonen

Pit Stop Time: 2.20 seconds
Team: Ferrari
Year: 2018

Currently, most of the cars complete their pit stops within approximately three seconds of each other. Having hit the 2.20 seconds mark, Kimi's pit stop did something rare in 2018.

On Lap 20, the Ferrari and Mercedes pit crews took advantage of the opportunity to change tires. In contrast, Hamilton stayed out on the track when race leader Räikkönen entered the pit lane and took the lead for the first time that afternoon.

Even though Ferrari performed the fastest pit stop of the day by 2.20 seconds, it was an early stop that eventually got the better of them. However, they managed to get the position at one of the fastest pit stops in F1 with their outstanding performance and bounding.


6. Sebastian Vettel

Pit Stop Time: 1.97 seconds
Team: Ferrari
Year: 2018

We all know Sebastian Vettel as one of the highest-paid race-car drivers of all time. During his first pit stop on Lap 27, Vettel had new tires installed in a time of 1.97 seconds - the first wheel changed the season less than two seconds.

Vettel and the team achieve one of the fastest pit stops in F1 with excellent coordination and effort. Besides that, Jean-Louis Vittel won four consecutive world championships between 2010 and 2013.

His first title made him the sport's youngest world champion, breaking the records for the most consecutive nine race wins and the most races won in a season (13). With 3028 career points, Vettel has won 53 races in his career.


5. Mark Webber

Pit Stop Time: 1.923 seconds
Team: Red Bull
Year: 2013

Sebastian Vettel, the driver of Red Bull Racing, won his eighth straight Formula 1 race at the United States Grand Prix. However, Webber's teammate also set a record when he had one of the fastest pit stops. Internal data from Red Bull Racing shows Webber stopped after lap 29 in 1.923 seconds.

NBC reported that Webber's time was 2.05 seconds, which is still quite fast, but it is slower than his previous record. Mark Webber remained Red Bull's second priority since Romain Grosjean was in second place.

A remarkable thing happened to him on Lap 28, when he came in for his pit stop. Every mechanic is well-prepared like they always are, and their pneumatic drills are ready at hand. On went the old medium compound tires in the front and the rear, and on went the new hard.


4. Felipe Massa

Pit Stop Time: 1.92 seconds
Team: Williams
Year: 2016

Formula 1 witnessed one of the fastest pit stops in F1 ever during the Grand Prix of Europe when a pit crew replaced four tires in historical time and sent their driver back on his way in full view of TV cameras.

Williams' team in 2016 achieved fine art in pit stop precision with surprise. After Lap 7, their driver Felipe Massa was able to reach their pit box. The time of 1.92 seconds made this pit memorable for F1 fans for an extended period.

As far as in-race pit stops are concerned, the Williams team has earned a reputation as one of the best. Furthermore, in 2016, Williams was the winner of the award for the quickest pit stop at every F1 race -- so far that year.


3. Pierre Gasly

Pit Stop Time: 1.91 seconds
Team: Red Bull
Year: 2019

The time it took Red Bull's pit crew to change four tires on Pierre Gasly's car at the British Grand Prix probably wouldn't be a lot. The folks behind the guns can be seen tracking the wheels as they roll slowly.

As other squad mates raise the car, the old rubber starts coming off almost simultaneously. They fist-bumped and patted each other on the helmet, so they knew they did an excellent job after Grasly drove away in just 1.91 seconds.

That makes it one of the fastest stops ever in Formula One history. Besides that, it was the quick pit stop that helped Gasly finish fourth in the British Grand Prix.


2. Max Verstappen

Pit Stop Time: 1.88 seconds
Team: Red Bull
Year: 2019

Red Bull Racing did it again at Hockenheim, changing all four wheels of Max Verstappen in a record 1.88 seconds, just one race after lowering the benchmark for the 2nd fastest pit stops in Formula 1. The team's fantastic performance and coordination led them to achieve this feat.

Lap 46 marked the final stop for Max Verstappen. In a last-ditch attempt to get the car to the line in qualifying, Verstappen switched from intermediates to soft slicks after a long period of drizzling rain. Moreover, the Red Bull pit crew reached their 8th stop of nine during the afternoon's chaos due to Verstappen and Gasly.

The pair did not indicate fatigue. In just 1.88 seconds, Verstappen returned to the track and took the lead from Lance Stroll after just a few meters. After winning his second race of the season, he cruised to a comfortable victory.


1. Max Verstappen

Pit Stop Time: 1.82 seconds
Team: Red Bull
Year: 2019

In Britain, the team recorded its first record-breaking pit stop in 1.91 seconds and then again in Germany with a 1.88-second pit stop. And it was the third time that Red Bull again broke the own fastest record, which is the fastest pit stop in Formula 1 till now.

Verstappen passed Lewis Hamilton twice on the circuit to secure his eighth F1 victory at the Brazilian Grand Prix in November 2019. During the race at Interlagos, his mechanics also earned themselves some accolades after becoming the fastest pit crew in F1 history.

Despite only taking 1.82 seconds to stop the Dutchman's car, change his four tires, and get him online, the team of technicians managed to get him back on the road.


Final Words

We hope you like the list of our fastest pit stops in F1 ever. If you want to add your views on it, kindly tell us in the comment section. The feedback of our readers is precious to us.

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