Top 10 Best Pool Players of All Time | Greatest Pool Players

January 18, 2021 By Admin

Top 10 Best Pool Players of All Time | Greatest Pool Players

The game of pool, which is formally known as pocket billiards mainly in North America, or even as pool billiards mostly in Australia and Europe, is one of the most stylish and sophisticated indoor games in the world. It belongs to the family of cue sports and games. And, some of the best pool players not only earns fame but also a huge chunk of money.

Played on a pool table with six receptacles or pockets along the rails, this game has some popular versions, such as eight-ball and nine-ball.

Six-pocket, on the other hand, is an obsolete version. In fact, there are hundreds of pool games, some of which are formed by hybridizing aspects of pool and carom billiards. Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Pool Players of All Time. Let’s take a look at their achievements.

Top 10 Best Pool Players of All Time

10. Ronnie Allen

American professional pool player Ronnie Monroe "Fast Eddie" Allen was regarded as a pool "superstar" in the prime of his pool-shooting career. He is noted as a "one pocket specialist" and is inducted in the tenth place in our list of Top 10 Best Pool Players of All Time. He was the most dominant one pocket player in the world from the 1960s to the 1980s. Fast Eddie was cited by Hall of Famer Eddie Kelly that "Ronnie Allen was the best one-pocket player I ever played".

And, legendary Minnesota Fats said of Ronnie Allen that "Anybody who plays him for money ain't got no chance at all." For his immense contribution to the pocket billiard game of one pocket, Fast Eddie was inducted in the One Pocket Hall of Fame in 2004.

9. Buddy Hall

American professional pool player Cecil P. "Buddy" Hall was heralded as a "living pool legend" by The International Pool Tour and is the ninth place inductee in our list of Top 10 Best Pool Players of All Time. He is nicknamed "The Rifleman" for his amazing accuracy and was one of the most dominant forces of the pool for nearly three decades. Buddy is also noted for creating the "clock system" which is “a technique for where to hit the cue-ball, using the clock as a mechanism for where to aim” according to

He was named Player of the Year by The National Billiard News and Pool and Billiards Magazine three times and is currently a member of the International Pool Tour. Buddy Hall was inducted in the Billiards Congress of America's Hall of Fame in 2005.

8. Johnny Archer

American professional pool player Johnny Archer was ranked third in the "Fans' Top 20 Favorite Pool Players" poll by the Pool & Billiard Magazine in 2007 and is the eighth place inductee in our list of Top 10 Greatest Pool Players of All Time. He is nicknamed "the Scorpion" as one of his sponsors is Scorpion Cues and also because his zodiac sign is Scorpio. He is one of the most successful nine-ball players in the last two decades.

Archer won the WPA World Nine-ball Championship two times in 1992 and 1997. He won the Sudden Death Seven-ball and the first World Summit of Pool in 2003. He also achieved the '$50,000-winner-take-all' International Challenge of Champions in 2006. Archer has achieved his place in the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame on June 8, 2009.

7. Mike Sigel

American professional pool player Mike Sigel has won over 102 major pool tournaments in his active career and is the 7th place holder in our list of Top 10 Best Pool Players of All Time. Fans nicknamed him "Captain Hook for his ability to use safety plays to hook his opponents. Sigel achieved the title of US Open Nine-ball Championship three times and won the world pocket billiard championship five times. He was named "Player of the Year" by Billiards Digest and Pool and Billiards three times till now.

He became the youngest player ever to earn his place into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame at the age of 35 in 1989. Sigel was placed in the fifth position in the list of “50 Greatest Pool Players of the Century” by the Billiards Digest. He also earned his place in the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 2011.

6. Earl Strickland

Earl Strickland Pool Player
earl strickland pool player

American professional pool player Earl Strickland, nicknamed "The Pearl", is widely considered by many as one of the best nine-ball players of all time and is the 6th place inductee in our list of Top 10 Greatest Pool Players of All Time. Besides his numerous championship titles, Earl also became famous as one of the most controversial players for his outspoken views and volatile behavior.

He won the U.S. Open Nine-ball Championships five times and is the only player to consecutively win the WPA World Nine-ball Championship twice. Strickland recently won the Turning Stone XXI 9-Ball Championship in 2013. He has earned his place in the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame in 2006. Earl Strickland is ranked sixth in the "Fans' Top 20  Pool Favorite Players" poll by the Pool & Billiard Magazine in 2007.

5. Luther Lassiter

World-renowned American pool player Luther Lassiter, nicknamed Wimpy, is well known for his wizardry in the game of nine-ball. He now holds the fifth place in our list of Top 10 Pool Players of All Time. Fans still regard him as one of the greatest pool players of all time. He achieved six world championships and numerous other titles. Besides, he also earned his place in the Billiards Congress of America's Hall of Fame in 1983. Lassiter also achieved his place in the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame the same year.

Luther Lassiter secured the 9th spot on the list of “50 Greatest Players of the Century” by Billiards Digest. He was noted as the undisputed king of the pool hustlers in his heyday and won over $300,000 from gambling on pool games between 1942 and 1948. Luther Lassiter won $15,000 in a single week which made him a folk hero in his own country.

4. Rudolf Wanderone

American professional pocket billiards player Rudolf Walter Wanderone, famously known as "Minnesota Fats", became the most publicly recognized pool player in the United States during his heydays. He became famous not only as an amazing pool player but also as a complete entertainer. And now, he holds the fourth place in our list of Top 10 Best Pool Players of All Time. He started playing pool at a very young age and became a traveling pool hustler in his teenage days. Minnesota Fats hustled servicemen in Norfolk during World War II and eventually became a folk superstar.

Rudolf has earned his nickname 'Minnesota Fats' from a character in the 1961 film The Hustler. However, film critics claim that the character was solely based upon him. He has earned his place in the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame in 1984. Rudolf has achieved his nomination for popularizing the pool game all over America.

3. Willie Mosconi

Willie Mosconi Pool Player
willie mosconi pool player

American professional pool and pocket billiards player William Joseph Mosconi holds the third place in our list of Top 10 Pool Players of All Time. He won the World Straight Pool Championship an unmatched fifteen times between 1941 and 1957. He has earned his nickname "Mr. Pocket Billiards" after he pioneered and employed numerous trick shots. His name became almost synonymous with pool in North America. Besides, he also made contributions to popularize the pool as a national recreation activity.

Mosconi holds the world record of officially recognized straight pool high run of 526 consecutive balls. He became one of the first three inaugural inductees in the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame in 1966. Mosconi also worked as the technical advisor of the Paul Newman starring 1961 film The Hustler. That film played a leading role in the boom in the popularity of the pool.

2. Ralph Greenleaf

Ralph Greenleaf Pool Player
Ralph Greenleaf pool player

American professional pool and carom billiards player Ralph Greenleaf has earned praises as the most dominant pool player in his heydays. And, he earned that fame due to his ability and charisma. He now holds the second place in our list of Top 10 Best Pool Players of All Time. The New York Times, in his obituary in March 1950, stated, "What Babe Ruth did for baseball, Dempsey did for fighting, Tilden did for tennis...Greenleaf did for pocket billiards."

Greenleaf won the World Pocket Billiards Championship a record twenty times. He mainly contested in the game of straight pool which varied in format from contest to contest during his days. He became one of the first three inaugural inductees in the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame in 1966. Billiards Digest Magazine placed him in the third place on their list of “50 Greatest Players of the Century”.

1. Efren Reyes

Pool pundits, fans, and former players widely consider Efren Manalang Reyes as the greatest pool player of all time. This Filipino also holds the top place in our list of Top 10 Greatest Pool Players of All Time. He still holds the record as the first pool player to win World Championships in two different disciplines. Efren achieved more than 70 international championships until now. He won the Derby City Classic championship 14 times and the World Pool League championship twice. Besides, he also won the World Cup championship twice in his active career.

He has earned fame as a top-class player in his native country during the 80s. Efren then moved to the U.S. for hustling after which he won $80,000 in a week. Efren became the first Asian inductee in the Billiard Congress of America's Hall of Fame in 2003. Pool & Billiard Magazine placed him in the second position in the poll of "Fans' Top 20 Favorite Players" in 2007.

Pool players are treated with the utmost respect because of their skill, precision, focus, and patience, all of which are crucial qualities in a person for him to become a good pool player. But, apart from the qualities, there is also something else about the pool players. They ooze elegance and finesse and have an air of refinement and poise, which are aspects associated with the port itself.

Let the SportsShow editorial team know your thoughts about the Top 10 Best Pool Players in the comments box below.

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  1. Jadez
    jadez June 20, 2019 12:41

    lol....most stupid list ever.
    everyone who has ever touched a cue knows Minnesota fats WAS NOT A GREAT POOL PLAYER....and could never beat any top player.
    in fact there is NOT A SINGLE example of him ever doing so.
    find a tournament he ever won...find a match he ever cant.

    1. Rick Melucci
      Rick Melucci June 22, 2019 10:59

      You have to take things in context. In Fats time was a long time ago. He and his competition may not as been as strong as we have now. We have better ques, better cloth and learned more over time.
      It's like saying Limburg was the best pilot of all time. No, just the best pilot of his time.

    2. Brian Baynard
      Brian Baynard September 28, 2019 16:52

      Nick Varner should be on the top 10 list

    3. RRC - Philippines
      RRC - Philippines November 2, 2019 01:04

      The "Best Pool Player" does not only carry the expertise in pool. It also display attitude and character during and after the match. Efren Reyes "The Magician" have a very humble personality that made him the world's favourite cue artist of all time.

    4. Alan
      Alan November 23, 2019 08:43

      I saw him play he was second rate but a master of marketing himself

    5. John Noe
      John Noe January 27, 2020 15:17

      He says he 's the best at everything not just pool and a larger percentage of the population believe it. He was the best at being an arrogant, pompous but that's about it. His game never reached the professional level and hundreds of pool players would have swum through a river of S. to play him for money.

    6. Mike Marotta
      Mike Marotta March 20, 2020 20:19

      I agree, the fat man has no business being on a top ten list. At best, he's strictly an entertainer, but not one I ever wanted to see entertain, or play. BTW, if he's still alive, I'll play him.

    7. Sal
      Sal June 25, 2020 07:54

      You are correct,maybe had the biggest mouth of all time. Very difficult but I would put reyes,earl,seigel,greenleaf,bustamante at the top 5....sal

    8. William King
      William King July 27, 2020 20:05

      He was two ball better than people believed! He went nto europe to study billiards as an teenager. Ronnie Allen wouldn't give him more than 10-8. He busted Beanie after Beanie won all the money at the
      Stardust Husrtlers Tournament (1969?) Ran 8 & out three games in a row!...Eddie Taylor wouldn't play Fats 25-20 banks

    9. Pedro
      pedro August 15, 2020 13:38

      Agreed... im ok with Reyes and Greenleaf but earl needs to be higher and no svb or ko or filler mention and what about nick varner ayyyyy

  2. Floyd
    Floyd June 22, 2019 06:47

    Minnessota Fats ? Really he couldn't carry SVB's case.

    1. Daniel Webster
      Daniel Webster February 26, 2020 21:57

      Mosconi took Minnesota Fats money twice and sent him home with nothing and then had to loan him his own money to get back home

  3. SSpeer
    SSpeer June 23, 2019 14:58

    Wheres Ronnie OSullivan?

    1. Editorial Staff
      Editorial Staff June 25, 2019 06:59

      he is not pool player.

    2. Charlie Wood
      Charlie Wood June 20, 2020 08:40

      England, he plays Snooker, unbelievable Snooker, can't believe anyone was better than he when he was anywhere near the top of his game.

  4. Rocky
    Rocky June 30, 2019 09:24

    What about Jersey Red? He was a wizard, playing one pocket.

  5. Chaya Buntrock
    Chaya Buntrock July 1, 2019 08:08


    1. Cary
      Cary August 15, 2020 17:37

      Fats could play in his prime which was back in the thirties. By the sixties, when I saw him play he was still driving a Cadillac and leaving town with the $. Yes, by then he was making most of the $ handicapping other matches but damn few could beat him one on one.

  6. Barney H. Turner
    Barney h. Turner July 7, 2019 20:46

    I believe efren bata could win with his left hand more times than not & right handed all The time . Love to see him play.the best play the game. I would love to call him my friend.

    1. Freddy Soto
      Freddy Soto September 9, 2019 00:31

      I'm Really in Tune with Your Comment

    2. Maverick1969
      Maverick1969 September 19, 2021 15:45

      Efren is definitely the GOAT, no doubt about it.

  7. Mac
    mac July 17, 2019 14:28

    Buddy Hall was the Best 9-ball player EVER. I have seen him Destroy other players on this list ranked above him Numerous Times. & to not have Harold Worst & Norm Hitchcock on the list makes me question the validity of the list as well.

    1. Robert
      Robert October 25, 2019 07:23

      Did we forget Irving Crane and Willie Hoppe. Crane holds the record for running 309 balls on a 10 foot table a record that still holds today and will never be broken.

    2. Piyu1154
      piyu1154 May 29, 2020 18:18

      Buddy Hall was beaten 5-0 by Efren Reyes and although past his best, Efren was also past his best

  8. Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera July 18, 2019 13:00

    No doubt that Efren Reyes is horrendously good player, but in my opinion that distinction as "being the #1 billiards g.o.a.t" should go to the Spanish Diplomat Alfredo de Oro. He won a sum total of 25 world titles. 15 in pocket billiards, and 10 in billiards. Something no other player have ever done that I know about. Every pool champion is mentioned. Explain that.

    1. SLANG
      SLANG September 1, 2019 19:26

      I love to watch Efren Reyes play. I love pool. V.P. Slang

    2. Metal Zero One
      Metal Zero One September 15, 2019 16:22

      There is such a thing as WIKIPEDIA.
      You can see the difference in accomplishment between the two.

    3. Mark V
      Mark v December 14, 2019 10:26

      Really 25 world titles? Lol efren have 70 pkus world title do the math genius ?

  9. Chris Michaels
    Chris Michaels July 25, 2019 19:27

    Without question, Efren Reyes is the greatest pool player to ever walk planet earth!!!

    His precise shot-making skills, speed control of the cue-ball, the ease he has of cue-ball placement for his next shot is unequaled, the unbelievable pool shots that earned him the nickname "The Magician", and his incredible humility and grace he showed throughout his AMAZINGLY SUCCESSFUL CAREER certainly backs up his G.O.A.T. status!!!

    His vast number of tournament victories and accomplishments in the game of pool actually speaks for itself!!!

    1. Freddy Soto
      Freddy Soto September 9, 2019 00:33


    2. Wallace
      Wallace September 10, 2019 13:22

      I totally agree. Efren Reyes was the Bruce Lee of the pool table. such a humble and unassuming man yet so dangerous with a pool cue.they didn't call him themagician for nothing. none of these people could beat him

    3. Donny
      Donny February 29, 2020 22:41

      Efren Reyes is without doubt the greatest pool player to play the game his ability the shots he can make how he can hide a ball if he actually cannot find a way to pot it is unrivalled the magician without doubt just the skill of the man an absolute genius, i love pool and i am extremely good at it when i am in the Philippines i can and have beaten most people in fact some people think i play professional pool i would love to play some racks with the magician it would be an Honor even at 65 the magician would kick my ass hes still that good a genius at work thats for sure i hope one day i could meet him and play him that would be unbelievable hes a pool god

  10. Whatareyoutalkingabout?
    whatareyoutalkingabout? July 31, 2019 21:38

    lol.. with these...

    "He still holds the record as the first pool player to win World Championships in two different disciplines. Efren achieved more than 70 international championships until now. He won the Derby City Classic championship 14 times and World Pool League championship twice. Besides, he also won the World Cup championship twice in his active career."

    Basically the GOAT. hands down..

    1. Whatareyoutalkingabout?
      whatareyoutalkingabout? July 31, 2019 21:42

      not mentioning "until now.." means active at the age of 64, how is that?

  11. Jerry
    Jerry August 9, 2019 05:32

    Efren no doubt.

  12. Jim
    Jim August 14, 2019 08:07

    I've watched many Reyes matches on YouTube, and my favorites are those with Earl Strickland. A great rivalry. Personally, I sometimes get a little bored watching Efren because many times, it appears that all he's doing is shooting a series of 2-foot, straight-in shots. Of course the subtle magic of his play is how as part of each shot, he manages to place the cue ball so that the next shot *IS* that 1-2 foot, straight-in shot. To me, Reyes' cue ball control is his most important skill. Magician indeed.

  13. Dave Allen
    dave allen August 20, 2019 07:55

    how did u ever forget Harold worst

  14. Rio Nardo
    Rio Nardo August 21, 2019 13:40

    Efren.. Not a single blink of any of his play.. and the face of surprised on every audience..

  15. Gmax Celgev
    Gmax Celgev August 25, 2019 15:34

    It's mind-boggling how Efren calculates those weird shots.A lady billards TV commentator once remarked during Reyes' earlier times in America that he has been doing things she had never seen before.He upped the ante of the game,more exciting and more entertaining.The Magician,the GOAT,hands down.

    1. Jmswsmn159
      Jmswsmn159 August 15, 2020 17:12


  16. Ronaldo Santos
    Ronaldo Santos August 26, 2019 06:42

    Efren plays all types of games in billiards and won. Nobody knew him in the US in the 80s but everyone in Asia knew him. I challenged all these players on the list to play rotation against Efren.

  17. John Noe
    john noe August 26, 2019 15:10

    Hahahah Minnesota Fats is listed as 4th best of all time. This is stupidity or just plain ignorance on stilts. Fatty was a good player during his time but he probably didn't play on a professional level. Every player listed as worse than him on this list would wipe the floor with him even if the playing field were even and he could play them in his prime. His claim to fame was mainly his mouth and his mouth made him a ton of money playing pool. But make no mistake he was not one of the great pool players when it comes to pool competence and talent on a pool table.

    1. John Noe
      john noe August 26, 2019 15:15

      I will say that the rest of the list minus Fatty isn't bad and Efren is definitely number 1 and you do have him listed as number 1. How in the hell you put "Fatty" on that list is mind-numbing to think about.

  18. Brooks Bradley
    Brooks Bradley September 5, 2019 15:34

    What about Louis Roberts on the greatest shot makers of all time

    1. Bill Lavrrar, Sr
      Bill Lavrrar, Sr October 20, 2019 20:45

      Amen Jade's Fats was a trick shot shooter , Not a pool player and not taking anything away from Buddy Hall he's a great player. But Buddy made the mistake of stopping at Cuzzins Sports Bar in 1986 and flat got his ass handed to him by 3 local players He couldn't get back to Paducah, KY quick enough, There's always some Hustler out there that doesn't want to be none.
      *B. Lavrrar, Sr

  19. Eric
    Eric September 7, 2019 05:13

    Efren reyes changed the entire landscape of pool world.
    He made it more exciting, fun to watch. Impossible shots made.. we will miss you efren.
    The maestro, the greatest ever.

  20. George Whitehead
    George Whitehead September 7, 2019 11:59

    Totally agree with Efren being number one and I dont think Fats deserves to be anywhere on this list of champions

  21. Donny
    Donny September 8, 2019 10:50

    Pool fans, I am surprised that no one mention efren Reyes finess and the knowledge he possesses in shooting the balls. Making shots is one thing, but placing the cue ball where it is supposed to go is one thing. Efren makes it look easy cause he knows where to put the ball. This is extremely difficult for anyone. He is superior in doing this time after time.

  22. Bob Gudger
    Bob Gudger September 8, 2019 11:30

    Harold Worst was one of only three players in pool history to be world straight pool champion as well as 3-cushion champ. The fact that he beat Don Willis for the cash in 9-ball, who Lassiter idolized and claimed was the best pool player alive at the time has to say something in itself.

  23. Timoteo Quiaoit
    timoteo quiaoit September 8, 2019 18:09

    nobody can do z shot perfectly only efren reyes

  24. Maria
    Maria September 9, 2019 06:50

    Theres no doubt. Efren Reyes is indeed the greatest pool player in the world.. . No question on that :)

  25. Poolnailon
    Poolnailon September 13, 2019 22:17

    The Goat indeed Efren is as he was. By so many fans all over the world even his top Players all have respect on him. Up until now you will check youtube videos. Amazing how in the world he would come up with those kind of calculations in that certain small time! Upto in his today's age at 64 he still can play even better. Top players even play with him as his farewell tour. And that is That! The Goat! The greates player ever to walk on Earth and a very humble one. Even at this success he would always say I won I just Got Lucky!

    1. G.Hadley
      G.Hadley September 14, 2019 11:44

      ..seeing Rudolph Wanderone on the list is a joke. As is the fact that Nick Varner isnt on the list having world world championships in 14.1, 9 ball, 8 ball, bank and one pocket (look it up). Even Efren cannot make that claim but hes still the GOAT without a doubt!

  26. Shasta
    Shasta September 18, 2019 18:42

    find this

  27. Mike
    Mike September 22, 2019 12:54

    SVB should be in the top four for sure. Make the list again in 5 years. Fats may be popular but not a top forty player.

  28. Gitaa Vincent
    Gitaa Vincent October 16, 2019 08:59

    I can't accurately rank all ? players, but one thing that's without doubt is that Efren Reyes is the best pool player ever. His finesse, class, patience, simplicity, style, name them, is unmatched. Hail the ?, Bata magician, simply the best

    1. Denisc
      denisc January 17, 2020 11:54

      I am not a pool player. I just accidentally watched a pool table competition posted on you tube a few months ago. Then I started to follow a few more as Reyes's matches with other top players were coming up one by one. I was totally amazed by all his seemingly non-calculated shots because I was a science and math major in college. It seems like he has all Newton's law of motion well studied and captured in his brain.

  29. Gerald Dixon
    Gerald Dixon October 19, 2019 16:10

    Musconi was the best according to Felix Vitali. Felix taught me to play pool. One example: 2 weeks after open heart surgery in about 1978 I watched him clear 3 racks left handed (he was right handed) at the age of about 65 to 70. He was the mafias pool player in the 30s to the 50s and never lost a match. He traveled all over the east and Midwest. He told me he easily beat anyone but Willie.

  30. Jay
    Jay October 19, 2019 18:06

    Lapab Pilipinas !!

  31. Jude Lopez
    Jude Lopez October 21, 2019 12:25


  32. Will
    Will November 6, 2019 10:29

    So what about Willie Hoppe?

    1. Alan
      Alan November 23, 2019 08:38

      I totally agree he was the all time best

  33. Randy
    Randy November 15, 2019 02:56

    When a man is humble, he goes far and achieve things noone has ever achieved. For example: Manny Pacquiao and Efren Reyes

  34. Richie P
    Richie P November 24, 2019 03:51

    Many of you have forgotten one of the best straight pool players who became a world champion was Peter Margo, nobody was more consistent than Pete, he feared no one and many great players lost to him, still today he enjoys playing and I am one fortunate player to be in his presence almost everyday, seeing him play now makes me think how many players he faced were devastated by his ability to master his pool game and literally destroy anyone he played..

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    after writing a quote in an essay what do you put at the end November 25, 2019 12:18

    The exact answer

  36. Alvin Ordonez
    Alvin Ordonez December 2, 2019 14:19

    Efren reyes is half human half poll legend

  37. Eman Corvex Susano
    Eman Corvex Susano December 4, 2019 14:06

    With all of my respect.
    Efren The Magician Reyes is the G.O.A.T. in billiards history, who gives a spectacular match as always.

  38. Evolution Gaming Live Casino
    Evolution Gaming Live Casino December 4, 2019 17:22

    The Phlippines is blessed with such a beautiful land and amazingly warm people. I always love coming back to the Philippines every year.

  39. Goymen
    Goymen December 8, 2019 20:16

    the world's best pool player name is Semih Sayginer. You any idea about the what can he make it .

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das December 11, 2019 18:25

      Let's agree to disagree mate. Choices can be different. But, I made this list while taking account of all the stats in their favor. But surely, thanks for the suggestion.

    2. Rabbi Hippie
      Rabbi Hippie January 31, 2020 23:36

      Neither Willie Hoppe or Semih Sayginer played pool (aka pocket billiards) and thus arent candidates for this list as suggested by a couple commenters.

      Hoppe and Sayinger both played billiards on a table without pockets.

      I agree they both belong on any list of all-time greats for that particular discipline. As would Raymond Ceulemans and Torbjorn Blomdahl.

      Fatty was a capable hustler who knew how to control the stakes and conditions surrounding a gambling match to set a trap for players who were in all other respects better than him. He did this by playing only when he had an advantage that played to his strengths. His best games were one pocket and (coincidentally) 3-cushion Billiards. There are easily a hundred players above him in terms of sheer skill who are more deserving of his place on this list.

  40. Sumpaktum Malignum
    sumpaktum malignum December 9, 2019 08:02

    everyone of them can hide the cue
    Efren : do you wanna see magic?

  41. Butch
    Butch January 1, 2020 20:47

    G.O.A.T. Bata Reyes The Magician is the best of all times petiod??

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das January 2, 2020 18:34

      Yes, the greatest of all time.
      And, thanks for the visit!

  42. Jason
    Jason January 21, 2020 15:50

    A list of "best pool player" that does not include Allison no list worth reading.

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das January 21, 2020 17:46

      And, whom do you want to replace him with?

  43. John Harbie Jr
    John Harbie Jr April 27, 2020 13:08


    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das April 27, 2020 18:22

      They are amazing, no doubt. But, do they really deserve their list among the greatest of all time?

  44. Kijumki
    kijumki May 6, 2020 23:00

    i wont dis agree if bata reyes is the Goat.
    men He nailed as always.
    so humble just got lucky as always. hehehe
    but with magic

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das May 7, 2020 17:31

      Bata is definitely one of the greatest ever to grace the billiard table.
      And, thanks for visiting us. Keep visiting our sports blog!

  45. Jerry "Ozzie" Pryor
    Jerry "Ozzie" Pryor May 13, 2020 08:33

    At 82 I've been a pool fan for a long time. That fat guy's only accomplishment was being fat, knowing what a pool cue is, and jumping on a money train by convincing lots of suckers that he was Minnesota Fats. Putting him on that list is an insult to all the others.
    Many fans have a favorite that should be included; a couple of mine are Jimmy Caras and Machine gun Lou Butera. Lou ran 150 balls in 21 minutes against Allen Hopkins 1973. I was lucky enough to see him before he was a pro play Mosconi in an afternoon exhibition in Harrisburg PA. Lou ran 90 balls against the great champion.

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das May 13, 2020 18:34

      Thanks for the suggestions. We will definitely take your suggestions into consideration when we will update this list.
      P.S: No body-shaming, mate!

  46. Joe Rackley
    Joe Rackley May 14, 2020 08:31

    Efren Reyes ranked number one is the only thing that you got right on your list. You wouldve been better off putting WC Fields on your list of pool players than Minnesota fats. WC Fields was a better pool player, actor and comedian. You completely missed one of the great players of all time, Irving Crane. In 1999 Crane was ranked as number eight on the Billiard Digests 50 greatest players of the century. You also failed to list all the great black players who were as good or better than the some of the players on your list. Players such as: Cicero Murphy, Bugs Rucker, Cliff Joyner and Strawberry Brooks; just to name a few.

    1. Sourav Das
      Sourav Das May 14, 2020 18:38

      Fats has his lovers and haters, and he is dynamic. And, there are several reasons why we included him in this list.
      And, thanks for visiting our sports blog, mate! Your suggestions are always welcome. Keep visiting.

  47. Ron
    Ron May 16, 2020 23:12

    Fats is in there because he was good for the game. way too many are in there because they are modern players. Masconi was the best player all time by far. The others on this list are all modern players, that's BS.

    1. Dave
      Dave May 27, 2020 19:49

      You are exactly right. This list is a prime example of recency bias. I am a senior citizen and actually played pool once with Willie Mosconi back in the 1970s. I have also watched Efren Reyes play many times. Mosconi was definitely better. No doubt about it. Also, Greenleaf played while drunk (still great!) and Lassiter died broke.

  48. William
    william June 19, 2020 13:17

    Ron "just like that" Dooley

  49. Cesar
    Cesar July 12, 2020 08:38

    Efren Reyes is the greatest of all time. Along with his many championships, he seemed to beat the best players in the world when the big purse was on the line. Winning the color of money and the king of the hill events elevated him to legendary status?

  50. George Abella
    George Abella July 21, 2020 22:34

    I agree putting Efren Bata Reyes no. 1 on the list. He had beaten most of those "Hall of Famers" eg. Spigel, Strickland etc in the most humbling way followed by saying and smiling that he was only Lucky indeed!!!!

  51. Clarence Elmer T. Quismundo
    Clarence Elmer T. Quismundo July 31, 2020 04:39

    I looked up Alfredo de Oro and the reason why he was not ranked here is because he did not play much in the popular and high-stakes games of pool (8-ball, 9-ball, 10-ball, etc.). AZ Billiards Digest Magazine though published a list of the 50 Greatest Players of the Century and he was ranked in the Top 5. Unfortunately, that list was done in 1999 and needs to be updated. Reyes, of all horrors, was only ranked No.29 there. Again, that was 1999 before he rolled over the opposition to win the World 9-ball Championship in December of the same year. He has been winning ever since and dominated world pool for the next decade. So the only logical explanation why Reyes was ranked so low there is because he is still creating his legend. Right now, he's the GOAT.

  52. JihanYie
    JihanYie August 9, 2020 07:48

    Whatever anyone says, I always consider Efren Reyes to be the Tiger woods of billiards. no one I say no one can top that. Either He wins or loses he is still the best player there is in the world of billiards. If accomplishments and achievement is a concern. Forget about the money he's the greatest player who ever lived.

  53. John
    John August 28, 2020 09:40

    Black widow?

  54. Roy Soriano
    Roy Soriano October 17, 2020 09:45

    Truly Efren “Bata” Reyes is the greatest player of time not only because he won a lot of tournaments but the way he won the tournaments and gain the admiration and respect of pool fanatics but of his fellow pool players as well. His kick shots ability is unmatched until today. He sees shots that no other players could. But the most amazing of all is his ability to control the ball and his cunnning ability to foresee in which part of the rail the mother ball would hit!!Even in the most trickiest and difficult situation he still has that incredible skills to hit the ball and escape with a safety shot. His arsenal of shot making ability is second to none. There are a lot of great players out there but I havent seen any of them does what did this magician displayed on the table during his entire career. Presently, year 2020 ..though Efren is already past 60 but he still playing well and bet againts good filipino players and still winning.!He still possess that magical and amazing kickshots where audiences and opponents can only mesmerized in disbelief and admire his God given talent with respect. He is already quite old, past his prime but the greatness of his game can still be seen. I believe that we are blessed enough to have witnessed his wizadry on the pool table and attest that Efren “Bata” Reyes of the Philippines is the greatest pool player of all time.. no doubt about it.

  55. Rey
    Rey November 27, 2020 11:41

    Where's Francisco "Django" Bustamante in this list?

  56. Jose Eaponja
    Jose Eaponja December 31, 2020 19:55

    I agree with Efren Reyes as the greatest pool player of all time.

  57. Pool Kibitzer
    pool kibitzer June 19, 2021 22:34

    Growing up in Manila, my high school buddies and I used to shoot our lousy game of pool in the nearby billiards and bowling joint. One night we got there and all the pool tables were open except for one where a crowd of people were watching a game. Turns out people would rather watch then shoot pool because the phenom Efren 'Bata' Reyes was playing Rodolfo Luat, not a bad player in his own right. This was in the early 80s and Philippine billiard players hadn't broken into the international scene yet but Reyes et al were already known in local pool circles as wicked good though nobody yet realized that they were world-class good.

    Incidentally, aside from watching great billiards players honing their skills at this bowling/billiards venue, you might also catch Paeng Nepomuceno (bowling HoFer and 4 time World Cup of Bowling winner) in the far lane at practice. But he was already famous then having won the World Cup twice by the early 80s, so people showed him great respect and did not bother him as he worked on his game.

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