Top 10 Best Football Jerseys Of All Time

August 19, 2021 By Sourav

Top 10 Best Football Jerseys Of All Time

Sports jerseys are shirts worn by members of a team that identify their affiliation with the team. Jerseys are worn by athletes to identify their names and numbers, usually showing the team's colors and logos. The jersey may also feature the logo of the team's sponsor. Today, we will discuss the best football jerseys of all time.

Jerseys were invented by One of America's most famous people "Kit Carson" which is why it is also known as a kit. Jerseys are one of the most important financial assets of every soccer club. The cost of showing a sponsor's logo or business on a Jersey is really very high, and sponsors spend a lot of money on their jerseys.


Best Football Jerseys | All-Time Ranking


10. Chelsea – English Premier League
9. Borussia Dortmund – German Bundesliga
8. Manchester City - English Premier League
7. Bayern Munich – German Bundesliga
6. Juventus FC – Italian Serie A
5. Paris Saint-Germain – French Ligue 1
4. Liverpool - English Premier League
3. FC Barcelona – Spanish La Liga
2. Real Madrid - Spanish La Liga
1. Manchester United - English Premier League

Honorable Mentions:

Brazil National Football Jersey
Argentina National Football Jersey

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Best Football Jerseys | All-Time Infographics
FAQs Regarding Best Football Jerseys


We have recently ranked the greatest footballers of all time and also the richest football clubs the sports world has ever seen. But on the fun part, clubs are as popular as their jerseys. So, without further ado, let’s check out the best football jerseys of all time.


10. Chelsea – English Premier League


Football jerseys of Chelsea Club rank among the highest-grossing in 2021. Each year, Chelsea sells approximately 1,525,000 shirts worldwide. Chelsea, the European Champions League finalists, has selected Trivago as their new training jersey partner.

Chelsea's logo includes the following: In a blue circle, there is a lion rampant, an inner and outer gold border surrounds it. In 1983, one of the English Premier League champions, Chelsea, had its first sponsor logo with Gulf Air.

Later on, Chelsea signed multiple sponsorship deals with many companies including Fly Emirates, Auto Glass, and Samsung. With 18 million euros, Samsung was one of Chelsea's highest-paying sponsors.

At present, Chelsea is sponsored by 3 telecommunications companies, Nike and Zapp. Which is paying an enormous amount of money to keep this deal lucrative for both.


9. Borussia Dortmund – German Bundesliga


A German professional football club Borussia Dortmund is well known for its best soccer jerseys. Borussia started jersey sponsorship in 1974 with the City of Dortmund. After two seasons, they welcomed a new sponsor "Samson" for the next 2 seasons until 1978.

Borussia has sold 1,205,000 jerseys in the last year between 2019 and 2020. That is a fact, Borussia makes huge amounts of money through sponsorships and via selling its jerseys to one of the biggest football club fan bases around the globe. 

The home jersey of Borussia was changed in the last season in 2020. Borussia's new design of the home jersey is a little modern. The Puma logo is on the right side of the chest and the sleeves are half with black stripes makes the jersey very professional and most attractive.

But the away jersey of Borussia has much different than the old version. It has a black background expanded by steel grey to look cool and have a little decent touch.


8. Manchester City - English Premier League


Manchester has the most popular soccer shirts of all time. One of the English premier league winners, Man City, has huge paying shirt sponsors including Nissan, Etihad airways, and Etisalat. 

According to the official statement by the club itself, they earned $336 million from 2019 to 2020 for their jersey sponsorship. Manchester City's home kit is sky blue with white logos and away kits feature off-white colors and shimmering details on team badges and sponsor logos.

The water crisis is the focus of the away kit. Manchester City sold 1,085,000 jerseys and made millions of dollars in 2020, according to reports.

The popularity and massive earning of Man City's jersey earn 8th place in our top 10 best football jersey of all time.


7. Bayern Munich – German Bundesliga


The Bayern Munich jersey is one of the most popular football jerseys around the world. According to news, Bayern Munich sold 2,575,000 jerseys last year and earned millions. And, they also have some of the richest sponsorship deals in football since their establishment.

A German sports team has been sponsoring its jerseys since 1965 with German sportswear Adidas. Afterward, the club made very large deals with various companies such as Allianz and Deutsche. 

This year, Bayern Munich changed its home jersey/kit, and the new shirt has a deep red color with a lighter tone. There is a classic white Adidas logo on the right side of the chest. The sleeves are designed with the Qatar Airways logo. Bayern Munich's away jersey is black and golden.

The logo appears in golden color, but the background is black. With its sponsorship deals and jersey sales worldwide, Bayern Munich generates massive revenue and has ranked 7th on the list of the best football jerseys in history.


6. Juventus FC – Italian Serie A


It was in 1981 that Juventus began partnering with a manufacturing company called Ariston to sponsor its jerseys. Italian soccer teams have many jersey sponsors including Nike, Jeep, and Adidas.

The Juventus club got a boost in sales when one of the most popular footballers of all time, CR7, joined the club, and the Cristiano Ronaldo Juventus jersey became the most popular soccer jersey ever.

Juventus' last update showed that it has sold 1,615,000 jerseys worldwide, making it the world's biggest jersey seller. Juventus' home kit returns to the classic and signature look of the black and white stripes.

The away kit was just introduced on 22nd July 2021 and features an orange-purple blend on the three stripes on the shoulders. Now, Juventus is in 6th place in our top 10 best football jerseys of all time.


5. Paris Saint-Germain – French Ligue 1


The Paris Saint-Germain team began accepting jersey sponsorships in 1986 and has earned billions since then. According to the latest Forbes list, PSG makes 701 million dollars per year through jersey sponsorship.

PSG fans don't care what the value of the jersey is. There are fans who will pay any price for a PSG shirt. Lionel Messi PSG jersey sales have increased since Leo moved to PSG. However, they have the tradition to buy some of the highest-paid footballers of all time for ages.

According to PSG's last-year review, 750,000 shirts were sold worldwide, generating huge amounts of money. Paris Saint-Germain's new home jersey will be solid navy with red-white piping along the sleeves and collar.

There will also be an away jersey in the Arctic pink and black with a white background. PSG deserves the 5th spot on the list of the top 10 best football jerseys of all time because of its sponsorships and its new jersey. 


4. Liverpool - English Premier League


Premier League club and one of the most successful English football teams of all time, Liverpool, was the first club in history to introduce jersey sponsorships to the football world. And the very first sponsor of Liverpool was Hitachi in 1979.

Afterward, Liverpool increased its sponsorship deals with Crown Paints, Candy, Carlsberg, and Standard Chartered. In addition to Jersey sponsorship, clubs can make tons of money by selling their jerseys in the marketplace.

For instance, Liverpool makes tons of money by selling its jersey. The club made a massive amount of money by selling 1670,000 jerseys worldwide last year.

At the beginning of 2021, Liverpool has transformed its home kit into a traditional palette with a lurid orange added to the crimson. In ebony and off-white with teal accents, the away kit pays homage to the classic jersey.


3. FC Barcelona – Spanish La Liga


In the Spanish League, Barcelona has the best soccer uniforms. One of the most popular Spanish football clubs, FC Barcelona, is the only club that refused to display any sponsorship logo on their jerseys until 2006.

It started displaying logos on their jerseys later after signing a $1.5 million deal with UNICEF. Afterward, Barcelona never looked back but having more deals of their jersey’s sponsorships in which Rakuten, Nike, and Qatar airways are involved.

The new Barcelona kit was unveiled on June 15, 2021, featuring a red signature and blue stripes inspired by the club's crest. The front of the shirt also has the Rakuten sponsorship tag.

With its light purple and fusion of blues and reds, the away kit shows the fight against gender inequality in football. The club has sold 1,925,000 shirts in 2019-2020, which places it in third place in our top 10 best football jerseys of all time.


2. Real Madrid - Spanish La Liga


The Spanish La Liga side Real Madrid is well known for having the highest paying jersey sponsorships. Besides, they are also known for witnessing some of the best El-Clasico moments with their archrival, Barcelona.

Real Madrid started accepting sponsorships for their jerseys in 1985, and the first deal they signed was with Parmalat. Real Madrid has always had multiple sponsorship deals, including Adidas, Emirates Airline, and Mahou. In terms of jersey sponsorship, Emirates Airline pays 84.1 million dollars annually.

The club sold 3,120,000 jerseys in the last year 2020, which puts Real Madrid in 2nd place among the top 10 best football jerseys of all time. Los Blancos will wear a new version of their iconic jersey in 2021-22.

Real Madrid Football jersey has an Adidas tag on the right chest, and the Fountains in Cibeles Plaza are reflected in the spiral design. The away shirt of the team is deep blue with yellow lines on the shoulders and a big Emirates Fly Better logo on the front.


1. Manchester United - English Premier League


Manchester United is on top for their jersey. Red Devils have huge paying sponsors for their jersey, including Aon, AIG, and Vodafone. Every season, the club receives 290 million dollars in revenue for its jerseys.

Manchester United's home kit is extremely red with the Adidas logo on the right chest of the jersey and white straps over the shoulder to make it more attractive. In contrast, the away jersey has a zig-zag pattern created by blue and white stripes with a team viewer logo on the front.

Furthermore, Manchester United makes a lot of money by selling its shirts worldwide. Last season, the club sold 3,250,000 jerseys and made a lot of money. And this saga continues since one of the greatest football managers, Sir Alex Ferguson, took over the club.

The Manchester United jersey is extremely expensive and is appreciated by fans, which is why Manchester United ranks at first position out of the top 10 best football jerseys of all time.


Honorable Mentions | Best International Football Jerseys

Clubs are the most profitable and highest sellers in terms of jersey sales. However, there are two countries that also showed prominence in terms of jersey sales.


11. Brazil National Football Jersey


Brazilians are well known for their amazing jerseys and cool sponsorship deals. MasterCard, Guarana Antarctica, and Nike are some

of the filthy rich sponsors of Brazil. Brazil makes a great deal of money from its jersey sponsorship; last year the club made $411 million. Brazil's current jersey design is exactly the same as its 1970 world cup kit. 


12. Argentina National Football Jersey


Argentina is one of those teams that make a hefty amount of money through Jersey sponsorships. Recent news broke down that Argentina has sold 650000 jerseys in the last year 2020, and earned a huge amount of money.

Argentina has many jersey sponsorships including Adidas, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s. Argentinians wear blue on the away kit, while their home jerseys are light blue with stripes over the shoulders.


Final Words

That's all, folks! The best ten football jerseys we have prepared have almost every point we can possibly talk about. Thanks for reading them, we hope you enjoyed them. If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments or you can send us an email. Your response will be appreciated. Wishing you a happy reading experience.


Best Football Jerseys | All-Time Infographics


FAQs Regarding Best Football Jerseys


Q. Which is the highest-selling football jersey of all time?

Real Madrid has sold the most football jerseys of all time. Forbs reports that the club earns 1.4 million dollars just by selling its jerseys every year. When it comes to selling jerseys, Real Madrid is regarded as the king.

Q. Which is the most popular club football jersey?

Among all club football jerseys, Juventus has the most popularity. This jersey evaluation must be credited to Cristiano Ronaldo. The sale of jerseys increased by 25 percent when Cristiano joined Juventus that same year. Juventus' football jerseys became very popular because of that.

Q. Which is the highest-selling national football team jersey?

The American soccer team from Mexico has the highest-selling national football team jerseys in the last period in 2020 and half of 2021. During that time the fanatical fans of the Mexico team bought 670 thousand jerseys.

Q. Which footballer has the highest-selling jersey ever?

Cristiano Ronaldo has sold the most jerseys of all time. Fans around the globe are crazy about him. Anything with Cristiano Ronaldo's name on it, or anything connected with him, is liked by people. Juventus' jersey sales increased simply because of Cristiano after he moved to the club.

Q. Which football club has the most expensive jersey?

There are two clubs with the most expensive jerseys in all of football history: Liverpool and Manchester United. Nike pays 75 million to Liverpool per season for their sponsorship tags on the jersey. Adidas pays the same amount of 75 million to Manchester United as well.

Q. What is the most popular football jersey number?

A jersey number has no value until it is worn by an iconic player. According to recent research, 7 and 10 are the most famous shirts in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo possesses number 7, while Pele, Maradona, and Messi possess number 10. These are the most popular football jersey numbers.

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