100% Selfish Moments in Football

December 19, 2021 By Admin

oh christensen hasn't dealt with it and aguero oh it's been turned in anyway by sterling well a catalog of errors first from chelsea then from city but sterling scores 90 seconds before the interval christensen nursing his hamstring after making that error  fella might not need it i think it was because muhammad now there's a conversation going on between henderson and palatelli as to who will take the penalty and it looks to me as if valatelli has taken the ball away from jordan henderson and said i'm taking it he does have a splendid record from the penalty spot henderson is still demonstrating with balotelli.

and i'm not convinced [Music] that liverpool are happy with balotelli taking this penalty they will be if he scores it it's valitelli it's one nil liverpool and he looks across as if to say well of course i'm gonna score and he has layman might have wanted it but it is right then in the champions league another one has gone away from it he's saying went over the line keeper got a hand to it off the woodwork it's great to see alonso into the middle lingard picks it up lingard.

back for kane is on side stitch able to read it still lose popped in the air came off the post it's gone out and spun out on the far side or is that an offside decision that's come up what a chance and the touch from jesse lingard here just to kill this ball as it comes in slips in harry kane is he on side it looks like he just is here.

[Music] who's going to take it because kamara has scored fulham's one penalty this season at old trafford nicholas wanted it but kamara saying well look i've scored the one penalty we've had this season i scored it really um that is superb from mitrovic mr play can camara give fulham the lead no he can't it's it's a terrible thrilling finale here at the cottage absolutely surely a stoppage foreign [Applause] hello.

slotted through by mctominays through here cristiano ronaldo denied brilliant tackle as it was  yeah look at this these guys fighting defeat fighting with chavezo how about that  72nd minute tie games alberto has to crack a goal and how about that how about that darts

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